Masterpiece CI

Masterpiece CI is the pinnacle of discreet in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeaker design. A tribute to the acoustic achievements of MartinLogan’s original iconic masterpiece, our electrostatic speakers.

Masterpiece CI ofrece Verdad en Sonido de última generación, desde cine en casa extremo hasta escucha trascendente de dos canales. Con tweeters de obsidiana Folded Motion® XT ultrarrápidos y de baja distorsión, redes crossover Vojtko de clase emblemática y controladores de cono de sección múltiple de fibra de carbono unidireccional con un respaldo Nomex®, la serie Masterpiece CI ofrece los más grandes, audaces y más Rendimiento realista posible.

The appeal of in-wall speakers is well understood, but sometimes it’s just not a practical option. Whether your room’s construction prevents it, or you are just looking to create a more personalized look, these on wall frames transform the Masterpiece CI in-wall speakers into incredible on-wall speakers!

Motion XT CI

The Motion XT CI series uses the larger surface area of the Folded Motion XT tweeter to provide even more of the clarity, output, and efficiency that our signature FMT is famous for. MartinLogan engineers have combined this incredible tweeter with high performance woven Kevlar woofers, and a more substantial chassis to elevate the performance to the next level. With Motion XT CI, the difference is in the details.

Motion CI

MartinLogan Motion CI Series speakers feature our signature Folded Motion Tweeter or FMT. This innovative piece of audio technology provides incredible detail, precise clarity, clean output and high efficiency in a small but mighty package. Pairing this tweeter with lightweight woven fiberglass woofers means that Motion CI delivers a clean and balanced sound that is perfectly suited for any application. Whether you listen to music, movies or a little bit of everything, Motion CI gives you a true high-end audio experience at an affordable price.

Helos™ Series

Los altavoces de la serie Helos ofrecen la calidad y el rendimiento legendarios de MartinLogan en altavoces de techo de alta resolución compactos. Los modelos cuentan con tweeters de cúpula blanda de neodimio dirigibles, woofers de cono de aluminio de alta rigidez y topología de cruce Vojtko patentada.

Installer Series™

Installer Series ™ de MartinLogan es una línea de productos asequibles y de alto rendimiento, que ofrece soluciones de instalación personalizadas para aplicaciones en paredes, techos y exteriores. Fabricados con los más altos estándares de calidad, estos productos están disponibles a través de especialistas de instalación personalizados autorizados y cuentan con la garantía MartinLogan completa.

Las dos opciones de pared ofrecen la solución perfecta para cualquier habitación, desde un pequeño sistema de 2 canales hasta un gran sistema de cine en casa con múltiples canales.

Dos opciones de techo para todo clima llevan el sonido superior de MartinLogan a ambientes donde la humedad impide la instalación de altavoces tradicionales.

Dynamo In Wall Subwoofers

Looking to add some bass to a system without the bulk of traditional subwoofers? The Dynamo IW-S and IW-O are two of the most flexible in-wall subwoofers on the market, bringing legendary Dynamo performance without taking up valuable floor space. Choose between the sealed design of the IW-S for maximum sound control, or the open back design of the IW-O for maximum output. Their retrofittable size means you can even add them to existing construction without the hassle of drywall repairs. When drywall repair is not an issue, the Dynamo IW-O also has an available “High Output Back Box” accessory for when a mixture of sound control and higher output is desired.

MDA Series

Fully matrixed distributed audio with easy-to-use room correction. MDA Series are the most flexible and adaptive distribution solutions available today, delivering dramatic levels of performance where it matters—in the room. With full matrix switching capabilities of analog and digital inputs, and independent room correction with ARC® Genesis in each zone, MDAs allow you to install robust audio solutions throughout a home or business.

MP Series

Multi Purpose DSP amplifiers covering a variety of Custom Installation solutions.


799,99 US$ 699,99 US$ cada

MP Series