Ascent i

Précision et praticité

Issu des caractéristiques de performance de précision et de l'esthétique de la Prodigy.

Ascent i exprime le langage de forme et de fonction caractéristique de MartinLogan, en maintenant une dispersion contrôlée avec une plage dynamique, des images et des détails exceptionnels, le tout à partir d'un meuble à la fois rigide et sculpté, aux finitions soignées et soignées. La qualité de son, l'ouverture et la précision présentées par le grand transducteur électrostatique, le woofer haute résolution et le crossover de qualité audiophile de qualité de référence, de qualité de référence, permettent à l'Ascent i d'exceller comme canal avant stéréo ou de cinéma à domicile dans n'importe quelle pièce.

Launched in 2003

Price when discontinued:
4 495,00 $US

Avis des Professionnels


Les spécifications sont sujettes à modification sans préavis

Fréquence de réponse

35–22 000 Hz ± 3dB

Puissance d'amplificateur recommandée

20—400 watts par canal

Dispersion horizontale

30 °

Dispersion verticale

Source de ligne 48 "(122cm)


90 dB / 2,83 volts / mètre


4 ohms, 1,2 à 20 kHz Compatible avec les amplificateurs de 4, 6 ou 8 ohms

Fréquence de croisement

280 Hz

Transducteur haute fréquence

Transducteur électrostatique CLS ™ Génération 2 de 48 "(122cm)

Transducteur basse fréquence

Cône de grande excursion, 10 "(25,4 cm), de grande rigidité avec entraînement du lancer étendu, format chambre sans résonance


Transformateur audio à enroulement personnalisé, condensateurs en polypropylène, bobines à noyau d'air

Commandes audio

Commutateur de contrôle des basses: -3 dB en dessous de 200Hz


Reliures à 5 fils sur mesure bi-fil


72 lb (32,5 kg)


64 "x 13" x 22 "
(1626cm x 33cm x 55.9cm)

Avis des clients sur Ascent i

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Brent R

  • lundi 2 décembre 2019

Almost 10 years ago for me and still blown away with the sound of these things. Clean power and cables are a must as any good sound system is only as strong as its weakest link! Martin Logan builds products to last.


  • vendredi 10 mai 2013

Great speakers
I am using Ascent i with Depth subwoofer since 5 years. I can only describe their sound as pure and magical. In the company of Audioresearch front end and amplification they are fantastic speakers for the money. The graceful appearance and musical presentation compliment my house. We are friends forever... Thanks ML for such beautiful product .


  • samedi 11 février 2012

ta agorasa kai egw prin apo 6 xronia...thewrw oti einai ta kalytera sthn katigoria tous...mporei kai kalutera apo kapoia akrivotera...emfanisi k hxos o teleios sunduasmos!apla fantastika!!!!!


  • mardi 24 janvier 2012

I bought my Ascents back in 2005. I have wanted to buy Martin Logan for years and finally made the jump. I was always impressed by the imaging and clarity of the Martin Logan line. Another thing that intrigued me was their presentation as they stand proud and ready to serve. I have had the pleasure of enjoying them more with the component upgrades I have made. These speakers will tell on any flaws or substandard components in your system. For the first time in all my stereo days I am running flat bass and treble. I had recently added the Descent sub. When I thought I already had a superb pair, they were even better with big brother adding in some nice controlled bass. I would recomend the Martin line to anyone looking for an affordable set of speakers that I consider great performance for the money. One more component, the Theater i is in my sights. This system will also eventually serve as my home theater in the years to come. I want to thank Martin Logan for a superb American made product. I will enjoy this for years to come.


  • vendredi 23 septembre 2011

Excellent soundstage
I've owned mine about 5 years and also own B&W 803s, both great speakers. Bass is more extended and the image is tighter on the B&W's. However, the Ascent I throws a larger, deeper image with a realism of air and space that creates a more life like experience. Both are great speakers. I recommend the Martin Logan in rooms with balanced room acoustics. The B&W is preferred in rooms that are very live and reflective.


  • jeudi 25 août 2011

wonderfull speaker
I bought a pair of it,it is so nice to listen and the sound is unbeleaveable ,after few years I got one more pair,now I had two pairs to listen.thank you Martin logan for making a wonderfull speakers to world.You thank and you thank again. Huyen.