Dynamo 700

Adoptez la précision des basses fréquences, la puissance et des graves plus profonds!

Caisson de basse Home Cinéma / Stéréo puissant, compact et précis, sans fil, idéal pour les petites et moyennes salles.

Forts du succès remporté par le Dynamo d’origine, nos concepteurs ont ensuite créé le Dynamo 700, puissant et compact. des basses étroites et sans effort pour le home cinéma ou la musique stéréo. Sa configuration standard de tir descendant se transforme rapidement (et facilement!) En une configuration de tir frontale pour ceux qui préfèrent une installation "cachée". Touche finale - un récepteur sans fil pour les amateurs de basses qui préfèrent un look épuré et minimaliste dans la pièce, sans aucun câble.

Launched in 2009

Price when discontinued:
695,00 $US

Avis des Professionnels

MartinLogan ElectroMotion 5.1 loudspeaker review

"The depth and agility of the Dynamo sub is a joy to behold, too, providing a solid bass bed without overdoing it...this 5.1 array will blow you away. That’s what it did to me."

—Danny Phillips, Home Cinema
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MartinLogan Dynamo 700 Subwoofer

"Not only did the Dynamo 700 give me true full-range sound, it had a pinpoint curative effect on the response curves of the partnered speakers: When I’d set it to fix only what needed fixing, it did, and then stepped out of the way to let the Snells and Motion 12s sing. Pinpoint cures. I like that in doctors, too. Highly recommended!"

—Ron Doering, SoundStage!
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Martin Logan Dynamo 700w 10-inch Wireless Powered Subwoofer - Review

"The Martin Logan Dynamo 700w combines very flexible installation options, with both front or down firing configuration as well as wired and wireless connectivity, with good performance. If you are looking for a good subwoofer for either as a companion for the Martin Logan Motion Vision sound bar or if you are looking for a subwoofer to add to your existing system, definitely give the 700w consideration."

—Robert Silva, About Technology
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MartinLogan Dynamo 700 Subwoofer

"Not only did the Dynamo 700 give me true full-range sound, it had a pinpoint curative effect on the response curves of the partnered speakers: When I’d set it to fix only what needed fixing, it did, and then stepped out of the way to let the Motion 12s sing. Pinpoint cures. I like that in doctors, too. Highly recommended!"

—Ron Doering, SoundStage! Access
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Les spécifications sont sujettes à modification sans préavis

Fréquence de réponse

24-200 Hz ± 3dB; Anéchoïque via entrée d'effets LFE


Niveau de ligne RCA: 20 000 Ohms Compatible avec des amplificateurs de 4, 6 ou 8 ohms.

Transducteur basse fréquence

Cône en poly à forte excursion de 25,4 cm (10 ") avec ensemble de propulsion à course étendue; boîtier étanche non résonant


300 watts (pointe de 600 watts)

Commandes audio

Commutateur de filtre passe-bas: dérivation (entrée LFE), variable (entrée gauche et droite)

Fréquence de filtre passe-bas

35–120 Hz


16 bits

Taux d'échantillonnage


Bande sans fil

La technologie de détection automatique numérique non compressée à 2,4 GHz s'adapte en permanence pour une meilleure connexion

Vérification d'erreur

Le retour d'informations bidirectionnel surveille en permanence l'intégrité du flux de données.



Subs par émetteur


Portée maximale sans fil

30–40 pieds (10–12,5 mètres)

Récepteur sans fil

Récepteur intégré ( émetteur SWT-1 vendu séparément)


Niveau de ligne gauche et droite / LFE RCA

Tirage au sort

Veille: 1W
Au repos: 15W
Max: 400W


26,5 lb (12 kg)

Dimensions (orientation vers le bas)

12,54 "x 11,69" x 12,53 "
(31,9 cm x 29,7 cm x 31,8 cm)

Dimensions (orientation de tir avant)

13,47 "x 11,69" x 12,31 "
(34,2 cm x 29,7 cm x 31,3 cm)

Produits compatibles

Émetteur sans fil SWT-1 Subwoofer , vendu séparément

Avis des clients sur Dynamo 700

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Kurt W.

  • dimanche 9 novembre 2014

Bought one and decided I needed a second
I have a surround sound in both my media room and my family room. To make a long story short, I tried to go with less expensive sub woofers in both rooms and ended up less than satisfied. The first Dynamo 700 I bought to go with my old Klipsch towers which I have had for a few years. It replaced an old JBL sub woofer which I discovered was pure junk. This sub woofer is totally amazing. You can listen to music and not know it is even there or you can watch a moving and cause the lights to rattle in the wall. My wife decided she wanted my old Klipsch speakers in the family room (because they are pretty..LOL) so I replaced my theater speakers with Electromotion ESLs and moved the Klipsch downstairs. The wife wanted a "small" sub woofer but the room is a large room with 12 ft ceilings. The Magnolia person recommended the Serie T Zero 8" sub because of the price point and size. I put it in the family room and I could never tell if it was on or not. I moved it around the room to several locations with no luck. I finally gave up and took it back and was convinced to get a second Dynamo 700. OMG, I put the sub woofer in exactly the same position as the Serie T and the difference was just short of out of this world. It changed the entire sound of the room. I know these speakers are expensive but they are worth every penny. I am extremely impressed with the Marin Logan family of products. They provide extremely good value for your money!


  • lundi 31 mars 2014

well I got a boston vr2000 sub very good sub but with this martinlogan wow wow just very impressive with this little box VERY GOOD SUB


  • mardi 3 avril 2012

The baby's sleeping....
I just picked up a Dynamo 700 last night and couldn't wait to try it out. My son is a year and a half old and the speaker is for the family room, so I wasn't going to get an opportunity to tinker until he went to bed. 10:00pm....the baby's sleeping. Now's my chance to see what this puppy can do. Eagles...Hotel California, Beatles...All You Need Is Love, Led Zeppelin...Stairway To Heaven and finally Bob Marley...Pimper's Paradise were all cued up and ready for a demo. OH MY GOODNESS, the level of clarity and the detailed responsiveness at moderately low volume levels was far beyond my expectations. The tightestness and control were absolutely unbelieveable for this price range. Soft and snappy don't usually get used to describe a single driver but this sealed beast seems capable of anything. In a word astonishing. Lord of the Rings BluRay...is the next challenge. With my 7+2 channel set up this should be fun. I think I'll run the front highs instead of the surround backs for this one.


  • mardi 24 janvier 2012

Huge punch.. little box
I had replaced my energy encore sub with a Dynamo 700... I am pleased with my purchase, the sub pounds hard!!! with out muddiness .. tight .. solid.. down side... having to chase the sub around the living room.... its way too light!!!! Makes for a great party trick...LOL

Terry N.

  • mardi 19 juillet 2011

Great Product
Excellent compact subwoofer "particularly for music", very responsive & precise (not boomy). Wireless option is a plus.


  • lundi 18 avril 2011

This tiny subs are awesome I bought two of them running them in stereo for music and theater. The bass is incredible. You can\'t tell the bass is coming from the subs, is like the front speakers morph with the subwoofers and give out one sound. Very musical and tight and accurate and loud too.


  • mercredi 23 mars 2011

From Austria with Love ;-)
Just unpacked my new surround system ... B&W M1 ( minitheather ) satelites and ML Dynamo 700 with wireless transmitter... well ... what should i say ... i also own a superb high end stereo set ( multiple price of above components ) but THE MIGHTY and clear BASS of this LITTLE CUTE SUB is just tremendous and fabulous ! thanks ML guys for creating this wonderfull piece of music instrument !!! at next occasion i will definitelly go for more ML stuff to fill my hifi world with ... Greetings


  • dimanche 6 février 2011

Martin Logan makes it happen!
Dear ML I have the ML CLS IIZ's and have had to deal with my Velodine's 18 sub to add just the little bump on the lower extension. In doing so, I have always had slow lumbering, bloated, muddy base and an audible 60 cycle hum that the support staff at Velodyne told me is within spec. for the 3,000 watt class D amp and nothing could be done to fix the problem. I'm am only telling this story not to slam Velodyne, but to show praise for Martin Logan. Yesterday, I auditioned a stereo pair of the Dynamo 500 subs in my sound room and found them to be quite a speaker for the money. Very nice sound shaping of the lower register. One problem was I still wasn't getting quite the low bass extension that I was looking for and the rear sound ports seamed to be a little bloated sounding. (Very little) In short I still need the Velodyne's help since it goes down to 18 hz. Today, I have just upgrade to the ML Dynamo 700's and I must say... "My quest has come to completion". Very tight, fast, base and not a sound of buzz or hum in the units. (Note: I even have them firing forward) Just beautiful black-black rich base. Great sound shape and low register extension. Finally I can retire the 18" buzzing mud maker. Thank you to ML and your design team. I can only imagine the work that went into pulling this small wonder off. My short term plan is to now stack 4 of these on each side of my CLS IIz's and create a vertical bank of bass for the left and right side. (Something like your Statement speaker) I just have to work out a coupling rack so that they can be spaced, braced and angled for point sourced direction without damaging the beautiful cabinet. Just one small concern/problem on the 700's. Do you have a recommendation on the supplied spikes. They are way to sloppy for good floor coupling the way that they slide into the rubber foot. Is there an alternate solution that I can go with? Maybe a longer spike to replace the supplied "L" foot and rubber foot pad all together. Once again... Thanks for the ride. I am revisiting my whole music library and I can enjoy that lower mid bass in the music. Respectfully, Kevin Franklin

hung T.

  • lundi 3 janvier 2011

The best for sup clean, deep bass.


  • mercredi 13 octobre 2010

I had a Dynamo 700 that went bad after a couple of months and I want to let you know that Martin Logan stands behind its product. I contacted ML and without hesitation they gave me several options on how I wanted to take care of the replacement. I decided to send them the sub directly, I had a new Sub within a few days and was back listening to great music and watching movies with a powerful thump! Thanks ML for your professional service and courtesy.


  • dimanche 19 septembre 2010

This sub is incredible... It really completes any system...
Martin Logan Rocks


  • mardi 27 juillet 2010

Tight, accurate bass
I was looking for a sub that could fill my 14x12 home theater room with tight and accurate bass after many auditions from other subs I decided on this sub. Tight, well defined and accurate and perfect for my polk audio, denon set up. Thanks logan.

Ronald A.

  • mardi 9 mars 2010

Dynamic !!
precise and tight bass ,excellent for music and HT.

Brian D

  • mercredi 30 décembre 2009

Great Sub
I am very impressed with this sub. I replaced a 12in sub with the Dynamo 700. I was amazed how much more this sub out preforms the old one.