Mikros 70

Casque intra-auriculaire de référence

Les écouteurs intra-auriculaires de référence offrent tout le réalisme, la richesse et la clarté du son que les clients de MartinLogan attendent. Grâce à une excellente isolation acoustique, écouter avec les écouteurs Mikros ™ 70, c'est comme avoir votre propre salle d'écoute privée MartinLogan où que vous soyez.

Launched in 2012

Price when discontinued:
149,95 $US

Avis des Professionnels

MartinLogan Mikros 70 Review: Fancy Speaker Sound Shrunken Down to a Pair of Dots

"Full-bodied sound in a lightweight comfortable package... We're very fond of these little guys... The Mikros 70 sound excellent, and the design of the buds themselves is elegant."

—Mario Aguilar, Gizmodo
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MartinLogan Mikros 70

"Electrostatic speakers are famous for their rich bass and an excellent, life-like reproduction of audio that creates a great sense of space. It's hard to do that with an in-ear pair, but the Mikros micros 70 at least still delivers its refined response without a hint of distortion."

—Tim Gideon, PC Mag
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Martin Logan Mikros 70

"...we had these in our ears while working on other tasks in the office – and there were plenty of occasions when we were compelled to stop and simply listen to the music... So, it’s a four-star verdict for the Martin Logan Mikros 70 headphones. We like everything about them..."

—, What Hi-Fi?
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MartinLogan Mikros 70 Earphones

"The Mikros 70s' detail and clarity are excellent...[they] deliver a sonic balance that strives to please, regardless of musical selection or driving equipment."

—S. Andrea Sundaram, SoundStage! Network
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Les spécifications sont sujettes à modification sans préavis


Driver dynamique 6.6mm

Fréquence de réponse

8–19 000 Hz

Impédance nominale

22 Ohms


98 dB (à 1 kHz avec une entrée de 1 mW)

Sortie maximale

111,46db SPL

Isolation phonique

97,8% (-33 dB SPL, à 1 kHz avec 1 mW d’entrée, 30 cm)


Fiche à 4 conducteurs plaquée or à angle droit de 3,5 mm (1/8 po)


Câble de 4 pieds (1,2 m)

Réponse en fréquence du microphone

180Hz – 10kHz (-5dB; 3dB)

Microphone Pickup Pattern


Sensibilité du microphone

-42dB (selon 121 R 9-5)

Portée maximale sans fil



13,4 g (0,5 oz)

Avis des clients sur Mikros 70

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  • mercredi 2 décembre 2015

Earphones that will last forever
The average individual in the 21st century will buy and discard around 50 earphones in their lifetime. I have owned Beyerdynamic MMX earphones, Bowers and Wilkins C5 earphones, and Bang and Olufsen as well as innumerable Sony's and consumer ones but when I bought the Mikros 70 a year ago I did not know that I would use them everyday for more than 5 hours. Put simply, I take all my calls and phone meetings through these as well as jogging with them and after 1750 hours of use, they are intact and have even opened up after I hooked them up to a McIntosh MHA100. I have never owned more durable earphones. In fact they are too durable. I don't even use the carrying case. Actually, since earphones tend to be the one HiFi product that you feel entitled to replace every 8 months because they break after intense use and lifestyle abuse I keep waiting for these to break but they just don't want to break. Sound is well paced and punchy with good detail. They sounds better than many earphones and headphones out there. Certain songs I will prefer to listen with these instead of Audeze and Beyerdynamic because for some strange reason, the pace and punch in these headphones makes certain songs more enjoyable. If you are looking for earphones that will last forever and make music enjoyable, these are it. I just hope one day Martin Logan creates headphones with a folded motion driver. That day they will be their day.


  • jeudi 30 mai 2013

Sonic Clarity, Superb Service
What started as a hunt for the "best" in-ear headphones ended with a pair of Martin Logan Mikros 70s. I realize "best" is subjective, so let me clarify what leads me to make such claim. FYI I have owned the M70s for about half a year. 1) Ease of use: stick them in the ear and it stays. Used them while running and even at the gym doing sit-ups with no problems whatsoever. In fact, it's so comfortable and "natural", that coupled with its noise cancelling feature, there's no urge to take it off when I'm not listening to any music. The B&W C5s, on the other hand, felt like an ear stretching torture device by the end of the ride home. 2) Noise cancelling: far superior than anything from Klipsch S4i to BW C5s that I've tried. ML advertises 33db cancelling - I don't doubt that; I used to use ear plugs on the train commute to work, now I use my M70s interchangeably. 'nuff said. 3) Sound: somewhat surprisingly, the sound was noticeably crisper, light and vibrant after call it a 50hr "burn-in" period which I've always held a bit of scepticism in. But wow! Classical, Jazz, and pretty much any music in the Alto and Tenor range sound heavenly. The stretch of a bow, the reverberation of the sound across a large space - truly as if you're actually right next to the sound. What many other reviewers before me have noted, and I as well, is that these headphones bring out what seems like the "true" intent of the song, not artificially amping up an already amped up bass, or add frills to high notes so they "sparkle" etc. I say true in the sense that the sound from all songs seem to become more "mellow" and if I were to compare it to steak, "buttery soft" as opposed to "lots of spices on cardboard". In fact, I find myself trying to listen to as many soundtracks as I can to hear how they "would sound like with the Martin Logans". Since I find the value of a review is most value-added when comparing to another device, I'll bring in the B&W C5s. Mind you I had an unfortunate experience with the B&Ws in that one speaker completely died within 2 days of purchase, prompting a permanent return. Ignoring the manufacturing quality of the headphones, the sound itself was a little on the overbearing side. It could be that I got used to the Martin Logan's, but the soft buttery sound I was used to from most of my songs sounded harsh and noisy with the B&W C5s. I note the sensitivity is higher with the B&Ws, but with less noise cancelling than the M70s, the same perceived volume of sound (when high enough to overrule outside noise) means the strong bass for some pop songs feels like they'll give me a migraine if I let it. This doesn't mean the M70s don't have bass mind you, with some Coldplay songs, and even Bon Jovi, there is enough clarity to hear a timpani being struck or the exact length of time a drumbeat lasts. What prompted me to write this review however, is the superb service I received from a representative, Scott, on a concern I had. Not sure if it was the alternating between devices (iPhone, MacBook, PC) or the constant use of the headphones, but I started noticing the right speaker of the headphones sounding a little softer than the left, throwing the sound balance off and distorting the music. The strange thing is this doesn't even happen all the time ... but after a few back and forths, Scott was patient and supportive and suggested several alternatives to try. It's been a while since I've talked to someone so helpful, responsive and patient and I must say my "Martin Logan Experience" is a whole lot better with such great service standing behind their products. A definite recommend for anyone who wants to try a "higher tier" of music.