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I've heard that MartinLogan speakers are hybrid speakers. What is a hybrid speaker?

Updated: Aug 24 2018

That is correct. Nearly every MartinLogan speaker is a hybrid design. This means that they use both thin film and dynamic transducers to achieve maximum detail, imaging, and dynamic range. MartinLogan hybrid loudspeakers seamlessly fuse curvilinear line source electrostatic transducers or Folded Motion transducers with one or more specially designed dynamic drivers that are perfectly matched to provide uniform frequency response with maximum dynamic range.

Where the thin film electrostatic and Folded Motion transducers use a thin membrane to produce sound, the dynamic transducer uses a paper, plastic, fabric, or metal cone which is driven by a voice coil that moves back and forth through a magnetic field produced by the audio signal. Thin film speakers are perfect for reproducing sounds above 100-500 Hz (depending on the model), however both the size and power requirements at low frequencies make them less than optimum for faithfully reproducing very loud sounds. Dynamic drivers are great for playing low frequencies at extremely high volume levels.

Only MartinLogan provides you the best of both worlds. Whether you are listening to a delicate violin concerto or a blistering rock concert you will experience the living performance.