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Motion Vision

5-Kanal-Surround-Sound aus einem schlanken und skulpturalen All-in-One-System, das stilvoll und unaufdringlich ist, einfach zu installieren und zu bedienen ist. Drei hochauflösende Folded Motion ™ -Hochtöner mit hoher Auflösung, vier 4-Zoll-Hochtöner und sieben dedizierte Verstärker liefern eine Gesamtleistung von 100 Watt.

Launched in 2012

Price when discontinued:
1.499,95 $

Meinungen von Fachleuten

Martin Logan Motion Vision Soundbar and Dynamo 700W Subwoofer

"MartinLogan’s Vision, especially when supported by the Dynamo 700w sub, makes a very worthy solution. It won’t produce the broad sound-stage of a “real” system, nor genuine surround sound ambience or effects. But it comes close enough, and its impressive accuracy and detail in the playback of voices and instruments warrant close listening — even by an audiophile."

—Daniel Kumin, Sound & Vision
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MartinLogan Motion Vision Soundbar Review

"In my opinion, the Vision is a superb soundbar that gets many things right. It can go loud, sounds great, looks modern, and has a surprising amount of bass. It really shines when listening to music, but is no slacker when watching movies either. Still, I kept coming back to its musicality, which was far beyond any other soundbar I have heard... If you are looking for a soundbar that can turn your non-believer friends into cult-like fanatics about soundbars, the Vision might be your answer. You no longer have to choose between great sound with a dedicated 2.1 system or great looks with a soundbar, the MartinLogan Motion Vision gives you the best of both worlds."

—Cliff Heyne, Audioholics
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MartinLogan Motion Vision Soundbar

"With the Motion Vision, MartinLogan demonstrates that the words “soundbar” and “high-end” can be synonymous. And while a “bar” won’t replace a true surround system, the Vision gives installers an exciting, no-compromise offering in this popular category."

—John Sciacca, Residential Systems
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Big Sound for Small Spaces: 4 Sound Bars Reviewed

"Close your eyes while the Motion Vision is playing and it's easy to forget you're listening to a single 40-inch speaker. Even in a medium-sized room, this soundbar packed an auditory wallop comparable to systems three times its size... But it wasn't just this soundbar's brute force that impressed. Unlike plenty of other units I've tested, dialogue in movies and TV shows was always balanced, uncolored, and crystal clear. Throw in a satisfyingly wide soundstage and you have a truly rare thing in the soundbar world -- a speaker that sounds fantastic regardless of the source."

—Bryan Gardiner, WIRED
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MartinLogan Motion Vision Sound Bar Review

"Simply put, the MartinLogan Motion Vision is a terrific over-achiever of a sound bar. It is simultaneously eloquent and muscular, as adept at delivering the subtle nuances of your favorite music as well as it is blowing your hair back during a raucous movie scene. While there are other strong options in the high-end sound bar space, the Motion Vision distinguishes itself by offering some of the cleanest, most accurate high-frequency response available. "

—Caleb Denison, Digital Trends
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Martin Logan Motion Vision Sound Bar - Review

"I was impressed with the quality of the audio provided by the Martin Logan Motion Vision. The power output is sufficient for both small and medium size rooms and the clarity and detail at the mid and high frequencies served both movie and music listening well... I highly recommend that if you are shopping for a sound bar and have the opportunity to give the Motion Vision a listen, it is well worth your time and consideration."

—Robert Silva, About.com
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MartinLogan Motion Vision Soundbar Reviewed

"Not only has MartinLogan built a soundbar in the form of the Motion Vision, they've arguably built the best soundbar I have heard yet... The Motion Vision's build quality is superb, looking every bit as high-end a product as anything MartinLogan has made to date. Its sonic capability is also unparalleled, as it possesses the scale and definition of a set of discrete loudspeakers, yet manages to confine that sound to a single cabinet... I can say that the Motion Vision from MartinLogan is the first soundbar that I would personally consider buying. At the very least, it represents my new benchmark by which all others will be judged. "

—Andrew Robinson, Home Theater Review
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MartinLogan Motion Vision Soundbar

"The audience for this product doesn’t want either the configuration or the hassles of a formal component system. They’re looking for a way to get many of the benefits of a real system without its complexities. In short, they’re looking for a workaround. And this is one magnificent workaround. There are few affordable systems that do what this system—and its pleated tweeters—do best. "

—Mark Fleischmann, Sound & Vision
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MartinLogan Motion Vision Sound Bar Review

"Simply put, the MartinLogan Motion Vision is a terrific over-achiever of a sound bar. It is simultaneously eloquent and muscular, as adept at delivering the subtle nuances of your favorite music as well as it is blowing your hair back during a raucous movie scene."

—Caleb Denison, Digital Trends
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Introduction to the Motion Vision Soundbar

"…the Motion Vision provided deep, rich sound comparable to some of the best bookshelf speakers I have had the pleasure to audition...If you are in the market for a new sound bar and sound/style are high on you list of priorities, I recommend that you envision this one!"

—Jim Milton, Secrets of Home Theater
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Technische Daten

Die technischen Daten können ohne vorherige Ankündigung geändert werden


43–23.000 Hz ± 3 dB


Insgesamt 100 Watt (200 Watt Peak)
Ausgabe über 7 Ampere.


3.000 Hz


Drei 1 x 1,4 cm (2,6 cm x 3,6 cm) gefaltete Bewegung
Wandler mit 13,2 cm x 5,25 "x 1,75"
4,4 cm) Membran.


Vier 10-cm-Faserkegel mit verlängertem Wurf
Laufwerkbaugruppe. Nicht resonante asymmetrische Kammer




DSP-basierter Vorverstärker.


(2x) optisches SPDIF (digital optisch)
(1x) Koax SPDIF (digitales Koaxial)
(1x) Analoger Cinch rechts / links
(1x) Wechselstrom


(1x) Subwoofer-Ausgang über analoges Cinch

Drahtlose Ausgabe

Integrierter SWT-2 Subwoofer-Funksender
kompatibel mit ausgewählten MartinLogan-Subwoofern.

Power Draw

Max: 120 Watt, Leerlauf: 9 Watt, Standby: <0,3 Watt


Dolby® Pro Logic II, Dolby® Digital,
DTS Digital Surround ™

Batterie ferngesteuert

CR2025 3V


20,5 lbs. (9,3 kg)

Abmessungen (H x B x T)

5 "x 39,9" x 5,85 "(12,7 cm x 101,3 cm x 14,8 cm)

Universalfernbedienungen verwenden * mit Motion Vision

MartinLogan bietet vorprogrammierte Codes für die Fernbedienung von Soundbars.


Laden Sie die obigen Codes für AMX-Fernbedienungen herunter. Bitte wenden Sie sich bezüglich der Programmierung Ihrer Fernbedienung an Ihren AMX-Händler.

Steuerung 4

Laden Sie die obigen Codes für Control 4-Fernbedienungen herunter. Wenden Sie sich bezüglich der Programmierung Ihrer Fernbedienung an Ihren Control 4-Händler.


Laden Sie die obigen Codes für Crestron-Fernbedienungen herunter. Wenden Sie sich bezüglich der Programmierung Ihrer Fernbedienung an Ihren Crestron-Händler.


Bei Verwendung der Remote-Programmierschnittstelle von Logitech werden MartinLogan-Soundbars unter der Kategorie "Verstärker" aufgeführt. Einzelheiten finden Sie in den Anweisungen zum Einrichten der Fernbedienung (im Lieferumfang Ihrer Logitech-Fernbedienung enthalten).

RTI (Remote Technologies Inc.)

Laden Sie die obigen Codes für RTI-Fernbedienungen herunter. Wenden Sie sich bezüglich der Programmierung Ihrer Fernbedienung an Ihren RTI-Händler.

URC (Universal Remote Control)

Bei Verwendung der URC-Remote-Programmierschnittstelle werden MartinLogan-Soundbars unter "IR-Daten von: Audio -> MartinLogan" aufgeführt. Wenden Sie sich bezüglich der Programmierung Ihrer Fernbedienung an Ihren URC-Händler.

Verwenden anderer Remotes mit Ihrer Soundbar

MartinLogan Soundbars bieten eine einzigartige Funktion, mit der sie Codes von vielen Fernbedienungen von Drittanbietern (Fernsehfernbedienungen, Blu-Ray-Player-Fernbedienungen usw.) "lernen" können. So können Sie beispielsweise die Soundbar so programmieren, dass sie ein- und ausgeschaltet wird, wenn Sie Ihre TV-Fernbedienung zum Ein- und Ausschalten Ihres Fernsehers verwenden. Weitere Informationen zur Kompatibilität finden Sie in den folgenden Hinweisen.

So lernen Sie Codes von einer Drittanbieter-Fernbedienung:

1. Rufen Sie das Untermenü "LEARN" von Soundbar auf.
2. Wählen Sie den Befehl, den Sie programmieren möchten (VOL +, VOL-, MUTE usw.), und drücken Sie die Eingabetaste oder die Richtungstaste der Soundbar.
3. Die Soundbar antwortet mit 'PUSH.BTN' oder 'PUSH BUTTON'. Halten Sie die zweite Fernbedienung ungefähr 30 cm von der Soundleiste entfernt und drücken Sie vier Mal die entsprechende Taste.
4. Wenn der neue Befehl erfolgreich gelernt wurde, zeigt Motion Vision 'SET' oder 'SAVED' an. Wenn der neue Befehl nicht gelernt wird, zeigt die Soundbar 'FAILED' an. Wiederholen Sie den Vorgang, wenn das Lernen fehlschlägt.

Bitte beachten Sie: Die mit Ihrer Soundbar gelieferte Fernbedienung funktioniert immer mit der Soundbar, auch wenn die Soundbar so programmiert ist, dass sie auf eine zusätzliche Fernbedienung reagiert.

Bitte beachten Sie: Es müssen nicht alle Befehle programmiert werden, und Sie können nur die Befehle programmieren, die Sie verwenden möchten. Wenn Sie von einer zweiten Fernbedienung lernen, werden Sie wahrscheinlich feststellen, dass die Fernbedienung keine Schaltflächen enthält, die direkt mit allen verfügbaren Soundbar-Befehlen korrespondieren. Einige Fernbedienungen bieten Funktionstasten (F1, F2 usw.), die nützlich sein können, wenn Befehle für die Soundbars programmiert werden (z. B. 'Night Mode' oder 'Optical 1').

Bitte beachten Sie: Einige Fernbedienungen verfügen über separate Ein- und Ausschalttasten, andere über eine einzige Taste, um die Stromversorgung ein- und auszuschalten. Mit der Lernfunktion der Soundbars können Sie beide Szenarien programmieren.

Bitte beachten Sie: Möglicherweise können Fernbedienungen die Soundbars nicht richtig lernen. Aufgrund der Anzahl der verfügbaren Fernbedienungen ist es unmöglich zu sagen, welche Funktion die Funktion hat oder nicht. Die meisten Fernbedienungen senden einen eindeutigen Code aus, der jeder Taste entspricht. Einige Fernbedienungen, die als "Universalfernbedienung" kategorisiert sind (einschließlich einiger Satelliten- oder Kabelfernsehgeräte), senden für jede Taste eine Reihe von Codes (dh einen identischen Präambelcode gefolgt vom tatsächlichen eindeutigen Tastencode). Geräte wie diese Soundbars mit Lernfunktion haben Schwierigkeiten, von Fernbedienungen zu lernen, die eine Reihe von IR-Codes aussenden. Wenn dieses Problem auftritt, reagieren die Soundbars wahrscheinlich so, als ob die Taste "Vol +" gedrückt wurde, unabhängig davon, welche Taste tatsächlich gedrückt wurde. Wenn Sie Probleme beim Erlernen von Befehlen von einer Drittanbieter-Fernbedienung haben, empfehlen wir Ihnen, eine andere Fernbedienung als die von den oben aufgeführten Unternehmen angebotene zu verwenden.

* "Universal-Fernbedienung" wird als Oberbegriff zur Beschreibung von Fernbedienungen verwendet, die zur Steuerung mehrerer Geräte vorgesehen sind, und bezieht sich nicht ausdrücklich auf Fernbedienungen von "URC (Universal Remote Control)".

Kundenbewertungen auf Motion Vision

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  • Samstag, 18. Februar 2017

Super Smooth on Vocals and Musical
I've held off purchasing a soundbar because the audio quality isn't significantly different than the TV speakers. When I listened to the Vision Soundbard I was blown away. It is easy to install and tastefully designed. From an audio point of view - it is wonderful. The vocals for spoken word are clear and easy to understand. It also has a very smooth transition between its crossover point for the HF drivers. I did not purchase a sub to go with it and don't feel it will be necessary for the room I have it located. I had to back the bass off a touch as it is. The bottom end is smooth and round and as it transitions into mids there are no obvious distortions or odd harmonics jumping out. I'm a huge fan and recommend this to anyone wanting a great sounding soundbar. My only complaint is the cheap-assed remote. Yes I primarily just used it to setup the soundbar and then trained the soundbar to respond to my other remotes - but geesh is this thing cheesy. It lives in a drawer now. Having said that - I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. You won’t be disappointed.

Hakim H.

  • Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

The sound and the style of this sound bar are truly amazing!


  • Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015

Surprised and Happy!
I am one of those people who just wasn't ready to make jump into a soundbar setup. I was replacing an old sony 5.1 that still works but I wanted to clean up my living room and get something that was made after 2006. The bestbuy rep did a great job of showing us various soundbar setups. We originally looked at a sony 7.1 soundbar, then bose, and then samsung. He took us over to the Magnolia center in BestBuy and showed us the MartinLogan Vision. It was a clear difference in terms of sound and clarity. It had a sense of full sound. Let me explain.. Bose while it did a really great job simulating sound all over the room sounded empty. It was missing something. Samsung and Sony also did a decent job but when the volume was turned up you could hear the distortion. I watch a lot of movies and like them loud so there went those out the window. I still wasn't completely sold just yet. The Motion Vision is a stand alone soundbar with no subwoofer attachment like most setups. Don't get me wrong it woofers built in so it does have some bass, but I just happen to like more. The Best Buy rep then brings out two subwoofers the Dynamo 500w and 650w. The 650w 15" was incredible! Talk about BASS!! So I went with the slightly smaller version the Dynamo 12" 1000w(oh did I mention it hooks up wirelessly to the motion vision). I did spend a bit more than what I inteded to when I went looking for a soundbar but after setting this up at home.... WOW!! I will say you will have to tweak the setting to get the sound how you want it but I would say total setup was maybe 30 to 40 minutes. That includes me messing with the settings. I have great sound and thunderous bass! My wife says who needs a movie theater when I get the same sound and thunder at home. I couldn't be happier, the soundbar alone is great but I wanted more bass and boy did I get it.

Mark V.

  • Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2014

Bose vs. Martin Logan
I purchased the Bose 1SR sound bar based on the Bose name. I was not satisfied with the overall sound quality. Thankfully I went to Best Buy to listen to the Martin Logan Motion Vision Sound Bar. The ML is so superior to the Bose. The ML has a much wider range of sound quality from music to dialogue to movies. The bass is incredible! The Bose sounds OK playing movies, but fails when it comes to normal listening and music. The ML even brings out great sound when listening to comercials and just about everything. So glad I returned the Bose and purchased the Martin Logan! The ML looks much better also.


  • Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

DOES support IR codes for switching to a specific input source
A previous review stated that the motion vision didn't support the IR codes necessary to switch to a specific input source. This is inaccurate. While the remote supplied with the motion vision only has next/previous input buttons, the IR codes for switching to a specific input are supported and can be programmed into a universal remote like the Harmony Ultimate. Also, the motion vision is a fantastic sound bar all the way around.


  • Freitag, 7. Juni 2013

Very Musical Soundbar
Recently set-up one of our small bedrooms for computer/multi-media use. Added a remarkable Sony 55 inch LCD. Shopped around in January 2013 for a soundbar. Narrowed the selection to the B & W Panorama 2 and the Martin Logan Vision soundbar. Frankly, it was difficult to demo the two in the typical Magnolia and similar audio-visual merchant vendor showrooms. The Panorama often sounded slightly better stage wise but there was a musical character to the Vision that I found potentially more pleasing. I have a pretty impressive sound system elsewhere in the house (Avalon speakers and Jeff Rowland preamp/mono amps etc.) so I wanted a musical sound in the bedroom but not at that same level. Well, after a couple of months of break-in of the Vision soundbar, Martin Logan Dynamo 700 subwoofer and Oppo BDP-103, the sound is outstanding -- extremely musical when playing CD's, Pandora and great watching movies (Blu-Ray; even DIRECTV) and foreign TV series (Scandinavian/French/English) off Netflix and HBO etc series; the subwoofer is very focused and impressive. I listed the ancillary equipment (left out my comparison of various optical audio cables and HDMI cables -- I found that they do make a difference) and the break-in time to emphasize that it took more time and effort than I thought to get a great sound. I doubt that one will be able to audition the Vision at its best in most showrooms. The mega-dollar audio showrooms that I have visited do not demo the Vision and Dynamo 700 but rather have systems that cost considerably more. However, unless you are setting up a sine qua non audio-visual room, I strongly recommend that you seriously consider the Vision and Dynamo 700 subwoofer. Also, Martin Logan has an extraordinary and patient support team that provides great assistance.

Sutton R.

  • Donnerstag, 29. November 2012

Before you buy
4.8 stars, so close to 5 you can taste it. First - If you can find a better sounding powered soundbar for less money, be sure to pass it on. If you are serious about sound, though, a sub is a must, imo, although many, many people would never miss one. I prefer the sound when the "wall mount" setting is selected, vs the "on shelf" setting. Be prepared to experiment. While this kind of bass extension is unheard of in most soundbars (btw, literally correct so not really a pun, kind of like a pun), it sounds better if the job is shared with a sub. Overall, I am very happy with the purchase, but want to share something that might be helpful to some shoppers. Specifically, how I worked around the one shortcoming that I care about. Setup - I am using the Motion Vision for video and audio playback. Sources include a cable box and two disc players, that play most formats of video and audio discs. One player also streams video and audio via the Internet and DLNA. Goals - Listen to music without having the TV on and program my Harmony remote so that any listening and viewing activity can be automated via pressing one menu selection. Oh yes, and have a pleasing visual impact. Which leads us to... The lack of IR codes for selecting specific inputs - The IR codes are for "next input" and "previous input". What this means is that if you have a 3rd party remote such as a Harmony, you will not be able to automate selecting the appropriate input. For those of you who don't care about this, you can skip my "solution". When I added the Motion Vision to the Harmony remote, buttons for selecting each of the inputs were also added. Sadly though, they were "show" buttons, meaning that they gave you the satisfying feeling of selecting the inputs, without the actual ability to do so. ;) Solution - Plug all of the sources into a remote controled 5 port HDMI switch, plug the output of the switch into an audio de-embedder, plug the audio output from the de-embedder into the Motion Vision and plug the video output from the de-embedder into the TV. The Harmony remote now controls the switch as desired and any of your normal listening and viewing functions can be programmed on the remote. $100 later - The switch was about $40 and the de-embedder was about $60. This also leaves two HDMI ports for future expansion. I bought a Kinivo switch and a KanexPro de-embedder and both do what they are supposed to do. Other brands are available. Even with the additional $100, I'm totally satisfied with the value/dollar ratio. So far, everyone who has listened to it is impressed and everyone who has seen it is impressed.


  • Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Soundbar Does Not Do It Justice.
The ML Vision Soundbar is astonishing with its audio reproduction, and even its movie audio processing. It should be in a category all its own. Deep bass, even without connecting a Dynamo through the Vision's built in wireless sub connection, and its rich audio reproduction will take all your favorite hits and make you feel front row. Thank you Martin Logan, Will


  • Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Back to the Future
In the 70's and 80's, I used to visit high end independent audio stores with my father. He was an audiophile without the checkbook necessary to truly indulge, but I remember Martin Logan from those trips to the store and those gorgeous electrostatic loudspeakers. I hadn't even thought of Martin Logan until I heard this beautiful sound (if that's even possible at Best Buy) emanating from below a huge plasma screen TV. I've been searching for a sound bar to ale my woes of listening to the built-ins of my HDTV. The sound bar needed to be minimal, so that my lovely wife wouldn't mind the not-so-lovely looks of one more piece of electronic equipment in the house. Despite knowing better, I've stuck with Bose for my audio needs for more than 20 years. Unfortunately, I thought their sound bar was too synthetic in sound quality, over-engineered, and I really did not want to deal with a subwoofer taking up floor space, so I decided to try the Motion Vision. I can say, even after only six hours of ownership, that I made the right choice. The Motion Vision has astounding audio reproduction and has filled my living room with warmth and joy. I don't miss the subwoofer at all, as the bass is absolutely breathtaking from this unit. I can finally hear dialogue from my movies and I even took some time to watch a concert on Palladia, and it sounded great! The design is elegant, organic, and quite simply, the best sound bar I have found. For those looking for amazing sound reproduction, without the hassle of a high-end 5.1 or 7.1 system, this unit does more than take care of business. Thank you, Martin Logan for taking me back in time.


  • Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

No Compromises
I recently moved to a new apartment in California, and while the space fits all my needs, the walls are irregularly placed, making speaker wire particularly cumbersome... Not to mention the fact that, as a renter in California, I can't really mount anything to the walls. So recently, I've been looking at soundbars to replace my older surround sound system, and decided on the Martin Logan Motion Vision. It's one of the absolute best purchases I have ever made. Before hearing the ML Motion Vision, it really disappointed me to have to "settle" for a soundbar, rather than a full-fledged surround sound system. Sure, most soundbars are at least an upgrade from your television's built-in speakers... But the "enveloping surround sound" that they usually advertise is full of baloney, and even when you listen to a decent soundbar, there's still one problem... It still sounds like a soundbar. Tinny, or not enough bass, muddy, unclear separation between channels... The list goes on. But when I ran into the Motion Vision, my opinion of what a soundbar could be changed completely. Honestly, in the right room (not the high warehouse ceilings and wide open spaces of big box retailers - though, it sounds pretty good there), it puts some surround sound systems to shame. Crystal clear high range, deep bass - both with no distortion, even when cranked to 11... Amazing separation of channels that envelops you completely... And the best midrange (dialogue) I've ever heard from almost any home theater speaker, particularly for a soundbar. That's the thing... For the first time ever, I didn't have to "settle" for a soundbar... It puts my old surround system to shame. It's also a snap to set up. The option to add a subwoofer is nice, but not a necessity for anyone without a high-end sub... There's more than enough bass here, you can feel it in your lungs. Sure, it could have used some HDMI inputs, but the connectivity options are fine and shouldn't be a deal breaker for anyone. The Motion Vision is all about audio quality, and it delivers. This is the best soundbar ever made, period. And buying it doesn't feel like a compromise... It's an upgrade.