Descent i

Ultimate Bass

Los tres controladores de 10 pulgadas, la tecnología de vanguardia y una configuración única de controlador de cancelación forzada producen bajos profundos, potentes y controlados que complementan perfectamente todos los altavoces.

Basándose en la innovadora tecnología del Descent original, el Descent i incorpora nuevas funciones y mejoras que simplifican la integración del sistema y mejoran el rendimiento. Su configuración de tres controladores y cancelación de fuerza prácticamente elimina la resonancia del gabinete que difumina los graves. Y cada controlador de cono de aluminio resistente y hecho a la medida está bloqueado por servo a su propio amplificador sofisticado y de alta potencia. El resultado es una salida dinámica y sin restricciones a las frecuencias más bajas, pero con claridad y definición cercanas a las de los transductores electrostáticos.

Launched in 2007

Price when discontinued:
3.495,00 US$


MartinLogan Descent i Subwoofer Reviewed

"The Descent i improves upon its formidable predecessor and is an excellent subwoofer. I was particularly impressed with its flexibility and musicality. The subwoofers connection options will allow easy integration of one or more subwoofers into either dedicated stereo systems, home theater systems or both"

—Brian Kahn, Home Theater Review
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Las especificaciones están sujetas a cambios sin previo aviso

Respuesta frecuente

18–120 Hz ± 3dB; Entrada de efectos anecoicos a través de LFE.


RCA de nivel de línea: 20,000 ohmios Compatible con amplificadores de 4, 6 u 8 ohmios.

Transductor de baja frecuencia

Tres conos de aluminio de 10 "(25,4 cm) de alta excursión con ensamble de impulsión de tiro extendido, formato de cámara asimétrica sellada no resonante sellada


Tres 250W (a menos de 0.24% THD)
Tres 700W (pico)
2100W (pico, total del sistema)

Controles de audio

± 10dB a 25Hz
± 10dB a 50Hz

Frecuencia del filtro de paso alto

Bypass, 40Hz, 70Hz

Frecuencia de filtro de paso bajo

30, 35, 45, 55, 65, 80Hz


Nivel de línea RCA izquierda / derecha, RCA y XLR LFE, nivel de altavoz

Poder de dibujo

Max: 750 vatios
Inactivo: 30 vatios
En espera: 10 vatios


105 lbs. (47.7 kg)


21.4 "x 20.5" x 19.9 "
(54,4 cm x 51,9 cm x 50,5 cm)

Valoración de los clientes por Descent i

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  • miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2014

New Dynamic for Large Entertainment Room
Replacing our old subwoofer with the Descent i has created a whole new dynamic to our 9.2 channel Home Theater. The room has 19 ft. ceilings and is aprox. 750 sq. ft. in size. Adding the Martin Logan subs has finally brought us the sound and feel we have been searching for. I work from home and listen to music most of the day and find the sound to be very clean and pleasing in adjacent rooms. All our guests agree that the movie experience is outstanding when watching Blu-ray action adventure films.


  • martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

excellent sub
bass was very clean but need mid to large room (not small room),i did a/b compare to jl 110 n dd or spl series, it was the most balance one nomatter the punch or the low low ,also it perform better n better once u use a better pre amp like krell or meridian .its well build like a tank unlike svs or m&k.this is really a sub .


  • jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

Truly awesome.
I have had my Descent i for six months now and am astonished by the sound quality. With mutichannel SACDs everything is very realistic from Dave Brubeck to Pink Floyd. Musically this sub is near perfect as each signal response is so accurate. I use LFE only and set at 90 degrees phase, 25hz at +4,50hz at +4.9, level at 7 and low pass at 45. I set it up as online instructions and broke it in on low level for a week before final adjustments were made. At this setting I can find no fault in sound quality. Movies and video games are also fantastic. I have 7.2 surround and have a Martin Logan Abyss for my front sub with the Descent i shaking up the rear. I no longer miss any hz level of bass and sub-bass. I have fallen in love with Martin Logan speakers and am now trying to save up for a pair of Summit X. It seems I need them now.


  • domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2011

Summit X with two descents
Recently added first one then a second descent sub to a stereo only system. I know that conventional thinking is that this is probably overkill however not for me. I find that the low bass without them although very very good still lacked the higher impact that I craved. I was concerned that in the search for more bass that I would smear the very high quality sound from the Summits.......... I have had over time 3 or 4 different manufacturers of high quality subs. The descent i is without question the best. These produce solid, tight and low bass that until you hear them in your favorite tunes you are missing part of the musical experience. I really like the out-of-box thinking that went into this unique design. Many times unique does not equate to superior but it does here! After several tries settled with crossover at 45Hz with one sub in line with the Summits and one 8' away along the adjacent wall at 90deg. the subs did not smear the sound from the Summits but improved upon it.


  • domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

My Descent i
Can your subwoofer levels go to 11? As they say, ours does! It's an awesome sub and it really opens up and boom when it's time. Can be fine tuned to your needs. It never ceases to amaze me how each movie sounds are so distinct.


  • domingo, 18 de julio de 2010

Excellent product
This is a wonderful sounding, fast acting sub. I loved it so much that I purchased three for my home theater system. One of my panels broke and their customer service group sent me replacement panels at no charge. Great group of people and great product. I wish I had this quality of customer service with the rest of my components.


  • domingo, 20 de diciembre de 2009

The best!!!!
This is the very best sound in the world. I hope a store in mexico.