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ElectroMotion R

Altavoz de techo de alto rendimiento

El ElectroMotion R es un altavoz de techo de alto rendimiento que utiliza un woofer de aluminio de 8 pulgadas más grande y un tweeter de movimiento plegado en ángulo para las aplicaciones de techo de máximo rendimiento. El altavoz es giratorio para apuntar el sonido.

699,99 US$ cada
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El sonido de la invisibilidad

La serie de arquitectura ElectroMotion® presenta nuestra tecnología de transductores de película delgada Folded Motion®, compacta y galardonada, que ofrece un nuevo estándar en rendimiento acústico para aplicaciones en paredes y en techos. Diseñados para aquellos que buscan los sistemas de cine en casa multicanal más articulados y dinámicos del mundo, o simplemente un sistema sigiloso de 2 canales, los altavoces de la serie Architectural se combinan para voz y timbre, así como para el resto de la línea MartinLogan de ultra - Altavoces electrostáticos y de movimiento plegado de primera calidad.

Tweeters de movimiento plegado

Los Tweeters de movimiento plegado funcionan moviendo aire (que crea un sonido) perpendicular a las crestas plegadas del diafragma, de forma similar a cómo funciona un acordeón. Este diafragma de masa extremadamente baja "exprime" el aire y requiere casi un 90% menos de desplazamiento que el típico tweeter de cúpula de 1 ", lo que minimiza drásticamente la distorsión al tiempo que proporciona un tiempo de respuesta increíblemente rápido. El área de superficie aumentada también proporciona una dispersión de sonido amplia y controlada. Crea un escenario de sonido realista y cuidadosamente grabado.

Amigable para el instalador

Un sistema robusto de bloqueo de montaje permite una instalación rápida y sin problemas. Cuando no están en uso, los bloqueos de montaje de control constante se mantienen de manera segura dentro de una carcasa independiente. Cuando se colocan en su lugar durante la instalación, acoplan firmemente el chasis del altavoz al techo. Y si alguna vez se retira el altavoz, las cerraduras se retraen y se vuelven a enganchar en sus carcasas.

Los instaladores se regocijan cuando el tweeter de movimiento plegado se monta en ángulo, lo que permite que todo el altavoz gire para apuntar el sonido exactamente donde lo desee.

Rejillas sigilosas

Los parlantes arquitectónicos ElectroMotion cuentan con rejillas micro perforadas de perfil ultrabajo, sin bisel visible para una integración casi invisible en cualquier pared o techo. Un sistema magnético asegura las rejillas fácilmente en su lugar, reduciendo el riesgo de deformaciones o daños durante la instalación.

Crossover Vojtko ™ de precisión y construcción avanzada

Construido cuidadosamente a mano utilizando solo los mejores condensadores de poliéster y bobinas de núcleo de aire, el crossover emplea la topología Vojtko de MartinLogan para una distorsión cada vez más baja y una integración perfecta del controlador. Esta red sintonizada con precisión conserva incluso los matices sonoros más microscópicos mientras maneja la dinámica completa de cualquier fuente.

Uso de múltiples aplicaciones

El EM-R es adecuado para cualquier aplicación en salas pequeñas o grandes. Ideal para usar en un sistema de cine en casa multicanal como altavoz envolvente, en una cocina como altavoz estéreo de 2 canales o en un pasillo como parte de un sistema de audio distribuido.



Las especificaciones están sujetas a cambios sin previo aviso

Respuesta frecuente

37–25 kHz ± 3dB

Potencia recomendada del amplificador

20—300 vatios por canal

Dispersión horizontal

80 °

Dispersión vertical

80 °


92 dB / 2.83 voltios / metro


4 ohmios Compatible con amplificadores de 4, 6 u 8 ohmios.

Frecuencia de cruce

2,600 Hz

Transductor de alta frecuencia

Transductor de movimiento plegado de 1 "x 1.4" (2.6 cm x 3.6 cm) con diafragma de 5.25 "x 1.75" (13.3 cm x 4.4 cm).

Transductor de baja frecuencia

Cono de aluminio de 8 "(20,3 cm) con canasta de aluminio fundido. Tapa antipolvo cóncava.


Inductores de bobina de núcleo de aire personalizados. Condensadores de película de poliéster en serie y condensadores electrolíticos de bajo DF en paralelo. Sistema general de protección térmica / corriente.


Empuje los postes de unión de estilo con el conector banana.


8 lbs. (3,63 kg)

Dimensiones recortables

10.5 "dia.
(26.7 cm dia.)

Proyección desde la superficie de la pared

.125 "(.3cm)

Profundidad detrás de la superficie de la pared

5.9 "(15 cm)

Valoración de los clientes por ElectroMotion R

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  • jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2016

Bring HiFi to a 40' Sardine Can:)!
We travel several months of the year in our 40' RV. My wife and I are more into HiFi (Got Tubes?) sound, then into say 5.1. Our RV came with a Bose 3.2.1 that required me turning it off, after about 30 mins of listening, due to ear fatigue. (The Bose 3.2.1 is an "All in One" mix of DVD/CD/FM, Amp, and came with two satellite speakers and a powered sub.) We were upgrading the TV from tube to 4K 40" Samsung, and decided to also update the rest at the same time. >Marantz NR1501 AVR (Bought primarily due to the combo of good reviews on HiFi sound quality, and size of the unit. >Oppo BDP103 Darby (Used for Bluray/DVD/CD playback, as well as streaming of say Pandora, and also input of our loss less ripped CD and Higher Definition downloaded music. The DAC does a pretty dang good job:)!) Our RV had a deep space between the ceiling and the rooftop. So this allowed us to fit the EMR's 8" into the ceiling. As the specs show, they angle already. But due to the low space between the ceiling and the sitting area, we needed to angle them a bit more. So we took two concrete Soni Tubes, and cut them at a about a 15 degree angle, this with the tilt already built into the speaker, projected the sound to where we needed it. I mentioned in my Review Title, that this is a rolling 40' long, and 88" wide (Exterior dimension.) listening 'can'. We have about 4 1/2 feet of L/R separation. For sure not ideal:)! After installation of all the gear, we let things burn in for about 300 hours. Then sat down to listen to run the Marantz Room Correction logic, establishing two sound zones. 1) To optimize where we sit off to the side a bit, on the passenger side slide of the coach. 2) For when we're entertaining, and or cooking, centering the sound stage to about mid coach. I wanted to wait to see how the 8" handled base, before deciding if I was going to try and figure away of installing a smaller sub woofer somewhere in the coach. (Would not use the same place the Bose had been installed. As it was in the kitchen cabinet that held the sink. Muted, muffled rumbling sound, was what this install produced.) We took a 6 month trip, as I continued to dial in and adjust settings via the Marantz NR1501. On a scale of 1 - 10, the Bose 3.2.1 was, if I'm being generous, a 3.5. I'd give the overall combo of our new gear, and specifically the EMR's 8" speakers, a solid 8. Very pleased with the improvement. Very pleased with out ability to have good sounds and low levels, and to 'crank it up some' (Rated 50W, but we all know that 50W rating by one company, is the same as 10W rating by another. The NR1501 is able to easily produce two channel sound, at non distorted higher levels of volume. The 8" driver does an 'adequate' job for the base. Sure, I'd like a bit more on maybe less then 3-5% of our music - but feel it does an honest job of base and mid level support. The ribbon like tweeter, does a super job on piano/strings/vocals. I can see why for those that have limitations (Us being space, in an RV. Others getting the WAF approval:)!) of speaker presence, would be very happy to add the EMR 8" into their mix. I could easily see three of these in the front, and two in the rear, with a sub's support - getting very good results in a Home Entertainment 5.1 install. I did go demo a few Meridian, Polk, B&W and even Boston ceiling speakers. I felt that for the price, these provided the best mix of sound quality, for price expenditure. I believe they provide good value, and more important - good sound.


  • viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

Finally my system is happily complete
So, I listen a lot to reviews when I purchase a product. Especially something as new as the EM-R's. But their was one big problem. These speakers are so new, no one's carrying them! I've looked on Youtube... Nothing. So I thought I would write the first review on these. Firs of all, my wife said I can have a nice system as long as she doesn't see it. Well, that kind of narrowed it down so I went with the ceiling speakers. The main use for this system is movie and TV watching in the living room. We will turn on Pandora through the Panasonic DVD player but that's about it. I just wanted true sound. 1) My knowledge: Novice. I understand a lot but not half as much as some of you. I know I want nice voice for movies and no humming. 2) My TV- Panasonic VT65 30. Definitely the best plasma on the market. Better than any of my LED's or LCDs. 3) My system: a. elite 32X Reciever-had to have it professionally set up b/c I have no idea what all those buttons, knobs and things go to. I also don't give a damn and I don't want to learn it. b. 14/2 wires going to the 5 EMR's in the room. c. 700 sub with the wireless reciever. I really had no idea where I wanted to put it. d. 5 EMR's. I even have one as the center speaker and it rocks! e. Harmony 900 controller. Don't think this matters but just thought I tell ya. f. 6 theater seats surrounding the room. I've only had the speakers for 1 week so I'm sure I'll update you as time goes by. As of 1/26/12- I had the system professionally installed and callibrated. As far as bass- It's sick. You truly get a deep bass from these speakers but the tweets are extremely clear. I watch movies all the time and I can understand everything they're saying perfectly. I feel like they're walking around me when they move on the screen! Don't have much more to say about them just yet. Pros- Bar none. They really are what they say they are. There seemed to be a lot of hype but they definitely back it up. Cons- Other than price??? I would have to say the bass seems a little to much. I'm sure I'm suppose to change something on the reciever but I'm still learning. You probably wouldn't want to hook these up yourself. You've got to move the tweet around just right for your listening experience. Pay the extra $300 and let someone else do it. Overall: I'm very pleased. My wallet is a little thinner but you just can't beat the sound quality. I was racking my brain paying this much but I'm glad I did. I would do it again now that I know you usually get what you pay for with speakers. Good luck!