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MartinLogan’s new Masterpiece Series features hybrid electrostatic transducers and advanced low-frequency technologies, adding new levels of performance and adaptability to the listening environment.

Munich, Germany – High End 2016 – May 5, 2016 – MartinLogan, the world’s leader in electrostatic and Folded Motion™ loudspeaker technology, proudly announces the next two floorstanding loudspeaker models in its new Masterpiece Series, Expression ESL 13A and Impression ESL 11A.

Following in the footsteps of the impressive Renaissance ESL 15A, both new models feature Curvilinear Line Source (CLS™) XStat™ vacuum-bonded electrostatic transducers with advanced microperf stator technology and redesigned ultra-rigid AirFrame™ Blade construction; plus, dual low-distortion aluminum cone woofers powered by dual Class-D amplifiers and controlled by a 24-Bit Vojtko™ DSP Engine with ARC™ (Anthem Room Correction).

Modern Masterpieces

MartinLogan’s masterwork is our award-winning Curvilinear Line Source (CLS) controlled dispersion XStat electrostatic (ESL) transducer and robust woofer systems—a revolutionary melding of design and engineering. Inspired by our own breakthrough design, MartinLogan has reinvented the woofer system in the new Masterpiece Series. Using two independently enclosed woofers in the compact chamber, exclusive PoweredForce Forward™ bass alignment controls the interaction between the rear-firing woofer and the wall behind that woofer. This phase-shifting technology minimizes the effect the front wall has on bass information that might bounce back into the listening room. This uniform frequency response results in realistic bass effects you can feel.

Achieving the Laboratory Standards in Every Room

The launch of Renaissance ESL 15A brought Anthem Room Correction (ARC) technology, for the first time, to an electrostatic loudspeaker. With the introduction of Expression ESL 13A and Impression ESL 11A, this beneficial technology is now available in three electrostatic loudspeakers. ARC measures sound output from the speaker’s powered woofers and compares the resulting in-room response it to an optimal response curve, accounting for spatial anomalies. The advanced algorithms of ARC effectively remove the anomalies, leaving only the ideal standard: transparent, natural-sounding bass.

The Truth is in the Details

  • Dual Low Distortion Aluminum Cone Woofers in a sealed enclosure – rigid cast baskets and stiff cones eliminate distortion, while the high excursion, extended throw drive assemblies produce tremendous amounts of low end in a surprisingly compact, beautifully finished enclosure. Expression ESL 13A features dual 10-inch woofers extending down to 24Hz. Impression ESL 11A features dual 8-inch woofers extending down to 29Hz.
  • Curvilinear Line Source (CLS) Electrostatic Panel – CLS technology is an essential element of every electrostatic loudspeaker MartinLogan has ever designed . Through our proprietary manufacturing methods we have built-in the panel’s gentle horizontal curvature. This unique design enhances the high frequency detail and dispersion produced by the large radiating surface, without compromising overall sound quality. Electrostatic panels, which are true dipole speakers, produce a nearly-ideal controlled dispersion radiation pattern. They send very little sound to the sides, thereby minimizing side-wall reflections whose short arrival times tend to interfere with the perception of the direct sound. Their strong rear radiation produces a generous amount of natural, ambience-enriching later-arriving sonic information. Expression ESL 13A features a dipolar 13x44-inch electrostatic transducer with a radiating area of 572 square inches per side. Impression ESL 11A features a dipolar 11x44-inch electrostatic transducer with a radiating area of 484 square inches per side.
  • New Ultra-Rigid AirFrame™ Blade Design, found throughout the Masterpiece Series, is precision manufactured from an aerospace-grade extruded aluminum alloy. The bold, forward-moving styling of this AirFrame Blade rail system, narrow and strong in front, broad and forceful from the side, is a modern design statement. It never obstructs playable surface area or interferes with the panel’s dipole sound radiation pattern. It also provides electrical and acoustical isolation, minimizing intermodulation distortion caused by vibration and resonance. The flowing lines emphasize the groundbreaking integration of the panel itself with the compact woofer and amplifier section. The breathtaking AirFrame Blade design enhances imaging, low-level sonic detail, accuracy, and speaker efficiency.
  • New PoweredForce Forward™ Bass Technology combines two MartinLogan audio innovations: PoweredForce, which allows small enclosures to accurately produce massive amounts of bass, and ForceForward, which significantly reduces performance-robbing front-wall bass reflections. PoweredForce Forward bass technology uses an advanced crossover topology with phase timed woofers to minimize destructive reflected energy. By virtually eliminating front-wall bass reflections and working in tandem with the panel, PoweredForce Foward Bass Technology gives you more placement flexibility, and enhances the true audio realism of your sound source.
  • New Anthem Room Correction (ARC) is an exclusive technology used to achieve an extremely accurate low-frequency performance in any room. When you engage the ARC software, a specially calibrated microphone (sold separately) measures the woofer output within your listening space and compares it an optimal response curve. The advanced algorithms of ARC then utilize the speaker’s 24-bit DSP to adjust your speaker’s low-frequency output to account for the unique sonic characteristics of your room. ARC calibration is optional and can be easily defeated using a switch on the speaker.
  • New Dual Class-D Amplification with a 24-Bit Vojtko™ Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Engine produces clean, powerful bass more efficiently than ever before. This combination of technologies enables the effortless delivery of exhilarating dynamic impact with plenty of overhead. Superior, reliable Class-D technology means there’s virtually no energy lost between the amplifiers and the woofers. Expression ESL 13A features dual 300-watt amplifiers. Impression ESL 11A features dual 275-watt amplifiers.
  • Bass and Mid-Bass Level Controls – even with the myriad benefits brought to play through the impressive woofer system technologies, personal taste still determines the final measure of audio experience. For the final tweak, a bass level knob (±10dB under 75Hz) and mid-bass level switch (-2dB, 0, +2dB) offer fine-tuning of the speakers voicing to account for personal preference.
  • Precision-Built Advanced-Topology Vojtko Crossovers are fully hand-built using only the finest polypropylene capacitors and air-core coils. The crossover employs MartinLogan’s proprietary Vojtko topology for vanishingly low distortion and seamless woofer/ESL integration. This precision-tuned network preserves the most microscopic sonic nuances while handling the full dynamics of any source.
  • Premium WBT Binding Posts are used to connect your electronics safely and securely. Their fine silver filigree is highly conductive and free from “eddy current” effects. These posts are fully insulated for shock protection and topped with an impressive palladium-plated metal cap, with plenty of room for large-gauge speaker connections.

Expression ESL 13A will be available in eleven finishes. Pricing starts at $14,995 per pair (US) and will start shipping in Fall 2016.

Impression ESL 11A will be available in eleven finishes. Pricing starts at $9,995 per pair (US) and will start shipping in Fall 2016.

More information will be available in the coming months at:

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