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La tecnologia elettrostatica XStat ™ allo stato dell'arte si combina con il basso PoweredForce ™ a dispersione controllata per un suono incredibilmente realistico.

Basato sull'altoparlante Summit ™ all'avanguardia, Vantage offre prestazioni senza precedenti per dimensioni e prezzo. La chiave per questo risultato è la nostra tecnologia del woofer attivo PoweredForce ™, che genera bassi profondi, articolati e dinamici da un cabinet incredibilmente compatto. Un pannello elettrostatico XStat ™ gestisce la gamma media, offrendo un suono omogeneo, dettagliato e ricco di ambientazione che è il segno distintivo dei diffusori MartinLogan. Nessun oratore ordinario si avvicina.

Launched in 2005

Price when discontinued:
5.695,00 USD


MartinLogan Vantage Hybrid Electrostatic Loudspeaker Reviewed

"The Vantage possesses a rich, full-range natural sound that is comparable to more expensive MartinLogan offerings at a fraction of the cost....The powered woofer of the Vantage goes a long way in giving the speaker a true full-range sound"

—Andrew Robinson, Home Theater Review
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Martin Logan Vantage review

"factor in everything these speakers do well, including top-class stereo imaging, and we reckon many will prefer their sound to moving-coil alternatives. High-end hi-fi should sound magical, and when on song that's what the Vantages deliver. "

—, What HiFi
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Le specifiche sono soggette a modifiche senza preavviso

Risposta in frequenza

34-23.000 Hz ± 3dB

Potenza amplificatore consigliata

20-500 watt per canale

Dispersione orizzontale

30 °

Dispersione verticale

40 "(102 cm) sorgente di linea


92 dB / 2,83 volt / metro


4 Ohm, 1 a 20kHz. Compatibile con amplificatori da 4, 6 o 8 Ohm.

Frequenza di crossover


Trasduttore ad alta frequenza

Trasduttore elettrostatico XStat ™ CLS ™

»Dimensioni del pannello: 40" × 9.3 "(102 × 24 cm)
»Area radiante: 372 in2 (2,448 cm2)

Trasduttore a bassa frequenza

Cestello in ghisa da 8 "(20,3 cm), escursione alta, cono in alluminio con gruppo di trasmissione a lancio esteso, formato camera asimmetrica senza risonanza, bass reflex


Woofer: 200 watt / canale (4 ohm)


Trasformatore audio con avvolgimento personalizzato, bobine con nucleo d'aria, condensatori in polipropilene

Controlli audio

± 10 dB a 35 Hz


Postazioni di rilegatura bifilare a 5 vie personalizzate

Assorbimento di potenza

Inattivo: 8 W / canale
Max: 140W / canale


52 libbre. (23,6 kg)


57 "× 10,7" × 16,25 "
(144,7 cm × 27,3 cm × 41,3 cm)

recensioni dei clienti Per Vantage

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Kyle Mansfield

  • domenica 29 marzo 2015

Epic Speakers All the Way around!......
Wow! I'm completely in Heaven listening to these speakers! Great value compared to most speakers available and affordable in terms of grin factor, I'm always happy hearing these Martin Logan's! And these are not the first pair I have owned but my fourth and possibly the last, as I'm so delighted with them. Don't get me wrong if I had the space I would want the new flagship "Neolith" but I'm going to bug my good friend, Bill Boone to get a pair to share with my ears when I'm in his neck of the woods. But in the meantime these speakers really do the trick for me, and I have yet to even fire up my big amps, as for now they are happy being broken in with a stout reciever, which is a first in my history with ESL type speakers. Took me awhile to get back into a good two channel system, but I'm so happy I'm back in the Martin Logan family. In terms of soundstage and overall listening pleasure nothing comes close to this companies product, do yourself a favor and demo some and see if you don't ignite your love of music in a most wonderful way!....nuff said."


  • giovedì 25 settembre 2014

Excellent sound
Requires high power amplifier - high frequencies very well. Low power amp sound muddy dull.


  • mercoledì 4 gennaio 2012

Shock and Awe
I am an older heavy metal- black metal listener, Cradle of Filth favorite band and did own Cerwin Vega CLS 2-15 speakers with Hafer 500 power and 110 preamp. This I enjoyed for many years (party person, like to entertain friends). I decided earlier this year it was time to go for a more musical system. Test drove Maggies sound good but to big (married), Dynaudio again sound good but to conventional, so I listened to the Vantage and was amazed with the small stature and excellent sound. My only concern with them was how would handle New Years Eve. New system Vantage speakers, Bryston B100SST integrated amp, Rotel CD player, Onkyo Transport. So after midnite (and a few wobbly pops) it was time to crank it up. It worked 6 hours straight loud and proud, everybody was shocked by how they sounded and the volume they handled without even a blip. Vantage brought in the New year perfectly. Oh yes we covered all the bases Sabbath, Beatles, Stones, Lady Gaga, Priest, Maiden, oldies even some country, awesome


  • martedì 8 novembre 2011

A true and tested ESL
Excellent tonality and crispness. A very hard to beat ESL across any lineup. I would've given them a 5 if they were't so power hungry. They really shine when you give them the power they're after.

Paul L

  • domenica 21 agosto 2011

Vantage One great speaker
Hello I have owned requests and heard others I find this new panel technology with the powered Bass excellent 10 adjustments to tune your room to quality Bass into the low 30hz region the mids are the best of the best the highs are very detailed and open the soundstage is 3 ft past the speakers and the imaging is like in Live, No $10k speaker I have heard can top these. One Classic loudspeaker !!

Jim Obrien

  • sabato 20 agosto 2011

The big asVantge
Before I start I want to say when the remark below from Jilted bride about the bass being not good and able to match is either he had a defective unit, or something in his electronics especially running a receiver which I would not unless it was at least a few $3000 dollars. The better equipment you put in front the better these will sound I heard these at an audioshow in vegas with over $75k in gear and they were incredible the bass was Rock solid down to the low 30hz regionif you need more buy a quality powered sub,or two the rest if the performance now with My Rogue Super magnum preamp and Spectron musician2 which is the only Digital amp in the world that can go to 1 ohm.The performance is llike the living room is part of a live concert. I have had many $10k box speakers this speaker tops them all.


  • martedì 29 marzo 2011

The Bride shows up!
I just heard these speakers, and I have owned Martin Logan in the past, ReQuest and SL3s. To me these speakers seemed to flawlessly come together on highs and lows. I was shocked on how well and how much accurate bass was coming out of these. I own a pair of Dynaudio C4\'s and I would say both of these speakers are now my favorite speakers and I plan on purchasing a pair very soon from my local Dealer. Great job on these as I was floored on how well they sounded. So in my case the bride showed up, and she was a class act on all types of music.

Marty H

  • giovedì 9 dicembre 2010

A jilted bride.
That's what came to mind when experiencing this system today. A beautiful presentation with honest and open highs, a terrific soundstage, and delightful gown, but the groom didn't show up. Try as we might we just couldn't get the bass to match. Everything under 100 hz seemed inadequate. We tried adjusting the output, moving their location, even shifting furniture, but they came up short. Maybe they're asking too much from an 8" driver, maybe aluminum is the wrong substance to use in that large a woofer (in my opinion aluminum creates too many technical issues that need proper resolution in the crossover), or maybe the enclosure needs refinement, but the low end disappointed. Pity too, because she sure is pretty.


  • martedì 16 novembre 2010

Excellent Speakers
These are incredible speakers for the price. I upgraded my Clarity model and love the Vantage. I am running a Yamaha RX-V3900 receiver, Energy Center and the Energy S-10.2 subwoofer. The clarity of these speakers is amazing even before the 72 hour breakin period is complete. As an audiophile it has been hard to find speakers that have a good bass response for rock music and can also handle the highs required for classical music. Martin Logan excells in producing speakers that deliver. The powered sub in the Vantage line will reduced the power required from your amplifier as well. Take a chance on these speakers and I promise you will not be disappointed.


  • mercoledì 18 novembre 2009

Vantage speakers rock
My wife and I were looking for new speakers when we first heard Martin Logan speakers for the first time. We had heard of Martin Logan speakers, but had never heard them live. After listening to a number of speakers my wife and I really liked the sound of the Vantage speaker. We went with Vantage upfront, Preface for the rears, Encore for the center and Abyss for the sub. We chose the Pioneer SC 07 receiver to power the speakers. I tell you we hear things in music we never heard in music before. The sound from the Martin Logan speakers was just incredible. We would recommend any of our speakers to anyone that wants to hear music, like they were hearing it again for the first time.