Helos 20

Hoogwaardig stereogeluid uit een enkele plafondluidspreker

Levensechte beeldvorming via een zeer compacte, krachtige, plafondluidspreker ontworpen voor stereo- of mono-gebruik.

Helos 20 levert stereogeluid via een enkele luidspreker, ideaal voor gebruik in kleine ruimtes zoals badkamers, kleine kantoren, entrees en keukens. Helos 20 overbrugt ook om monogeluidsweergave met brede spreiding te leveren. Levert legendarische MartinLogan-kwaliteit en -prestaties in een compacte plafondluidspreker met hoge resolutie. Met dubbele 0,75-inch neodymium zachte dome-tweeters, een zeer stijve aluminium conuswoofer en gepatenteerde Vojtko crossover-topologie biedt Helos 20 moeiteloos solide beeldvorming met extreme sonische nauwkeurigheid.

Launched in 2008

Price when discontinued:
US$ 399,00

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47–20.000 Hz ± 3dB

het richten

Draaibare tweeter-stam

Aanbevolen versterkervermogen

20‒200 watt per kanaal

Aanbevolen versterkervermogen (stereo)

20 Watt × 20 Watt - 100 Watt × 100 Watt


89 dB / 2,83 volt / meter


Mono: 4 Ohm. Stereo: 8 Ohm × 8 Ohm. Compatibel met versterkers van 4, 6 of 8 Ohm.


2600 Hz

Hoogfrequente transducer

Twee neodymium zachte dome-tweeters van 1,9 cm (1,9 cm)

Laagfrequente transducer

Gegoten mand van 16,5 cm (16,5 cm), aluminium conussen met hoge stijfheid en verlengde worpaandrijving, thermische beveiliging


Luchtkernrollen, polyestercondensatoren


Stereo binding posts (bridge voor mono)


4,5 pond. (2 kg)

Vereiste wandopening (inclusief tolerantie)

8.35 "× 8.35"
(21,2 cm × 21,2 cm)

Projectie vanaf muuroppervlak

0.37 "(1 cm)

Diepte achter wandoppervlak

5 "(12,7 cm)

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  • donderdag 25 februari 2010

Helos Better than expected
I bought 5 of the Helo 20s online for a pretty good price, I have used another top of the line brand for the speakers in my other room but after installing these for the first time I was very impressed and surprised at how crisp and clean the sound was from them as well as the much better improvement from the speakers that I have in the other room.. thanks a lot

Jitendra K.

  • donderdag 21 januari 2010

Very nice sound quality with good bass with moderate price
Initially I plan to buy bose 191 speakers but I saw Helos 20 has 80% of the price on amazon on X'mas day so i rush to local magnolia center of Bestbuy to listen the sound quality but i was unlucky b'cos they don't have setup for helos 20, so i was little upset and was confused too b'cos i dont know what to do but suddenly what happen to me that i placed order on amazon for 10 In-ceiling Helos 20 speaker. After placing order went to martinlogan website to check for authorized dealer and found fry's so rush to their place and listen the sound quality which was way better than bose and better bass compare to bose 191 in-ceiling speaker. I took an deep breath thinking that all my investment and decision is worth selecting helos 20. On Jan 6 2010, all of my speakers and onkyo HT-RC180 arrived and it took me one week to put 6 speaker into ceiling and guest what on friday night after everything was ready and configured with onkyo receiver, I just turn on the FM and boom......great sound quality and enjoy blu-ray movies with THX, Dolby, etc sound with my onkyo receiver. Now i'm adding two more helos 20 speaker for sourrond back left/right and also planning to buy center channel and sub-woofer speaker from Marting logan itself. Finally, I would definitely recommend to buy this speaker but before that listen and decide because everybody has their own view and ear too. All the best for your shopping.....!!!!