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Mosaic's ATF-stuurprogramma's (Advanced Thin Film) leveren bijna-elektrostatische geluidskwaliteit voor lagere kosten en van kleinere panelen. Inderdaad, we hebben nog nooit eerder het soort precieze maar driedimensionale stereobeelden gehoord die ze produceren van iets anders dan onze elektrostaten. De combinatie van deze buitengewone drivers met de bekroonde Clarity's kasttechnologie, een 8-inch aluminium conuswoofer en een krachtige Vojtko-crossover levert een geweldig klinkende, stijlvolle luidspreker op voor een zeer betaalbare prijs.

Launched in 2003

Price when discontinued:
US$ 1.795,00

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46–20.000 Hz ± 3dB

Aanbevolen versterkervermogen

20‒350 Watt per kanaal


90 dB / 2,83 volt / meter


5 Ohm. Compatibel met versterkers van 4, 6 of 8 Ohm.


450, 3000 Hz

Hoogfrequente transducer

1,5 "× 2,25" (3,8 × 5,7 cm) ATF ™ -omzetter


1,5 "× 6" (3,8 × 15,2 cm) ATF ™ -transducer

Laagfrequente transducer

8 "(20,3 cm) hoge uitslag, hoge stijfheid aluminium conus met verlengde worpaandrijving, asymmetrische kamerindeling zonder resonantie; basreflex


Luchtkernspoelen, metaalfilm en elektrolytische condensatoren met lage dissipatie


Aangepaste 5-weg bindende berichten


30 pond. (13,6 kg)


40 "× 9,44" × 11,69 "
(102 cm x 24 cm x 29,7 cm)

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Dave Boyd

  • zondag 10 februari 2013

They were a steal when I bought them new!!
I love these speakers!! With the right amp and speaker cables, they sing like you would not believe. They are clear, crisp, and textured. Also at 5 ohms they are not difficult to drive.The soundstage is Amazing too. Try them.

Scott L

  • dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

Can't do much better for the money
If you're looking for the perfect middle ground between the advantages of an electrostatic and a box speaker, then look no further. Mosaics are great dipole thin-film speakers that have extremely ample bass without requiring higher end amps that would be required for an ESL application. In addition, while proper placement is still required to realize the full benefit, they are not nearly as particular as ESLs. I have 4 Mosaics + a Fresco center channel + a Dynamo sub in a large, open multi-purpose room that is less than ideal for home theater or for critical listening. All powered by a single capable consumer AV receiver/amp headend. Yet, this seems to be exactly the strength of the Mosaic. There is certainly an element of personal taste involved, but the dipole design provides incredible depth from just two speakers. For rock and pop music, they are simply good (possibly even a bit harsh for some). But flip over to classical or acoustic, or anything with strings, piano, or vocals, and these speakers become magical. Warning: You may be ruined for traditional box speakers. When switched to 5.1, the speakers blend well and the result is that you never even think about the speakers. Getting everything positioned can be a challenge, but again, less so than with pure ESLs. Given that the room is large, these speakers do a great job filling it and the result is good throughout the space. This kind of versatility is hard to find. The price is a little steeper than some simple box speakers, but less than higher end B&W or any ESLs, particularly when considering the total system price. To even be able to compete with the likes of these is impressive. My only remaining challenge is getting the bass just right (at times it can be overwhelming), but that's not the fault of the Mosaics so much as trying to deal with the hard surfaces, resonances, and other typical challenges. It does speak to the dynamic ability of these speakers. I realize at this time my setup is completely retired from ML's product line, but if you can find these gently used and give them a try in your home, you may just love it!