Motion 4

Мощный компактный громкоговоритель с книжной полкой, высокочастотным динамиком Folded Motion ™ и каскадным портом Folded Motion Cascading Bass-Reflex для более глубокого звучания низких частот. Голосовая совместимость с динамиками MartinLogan ESL.

Launched in 2010

Price when discontinued:
249,95 $


MartinLogan Motion 10 / 8 / 4 / Dynamo 1000 Home-Theater Speaker System

"Folks, the Motions are the real deal. It doesn't take a special speaker to do movies, but it does take a special speaker to belly up to the musical bar and turn a CD into a genuine musical experience."

—Kevin East, SoundStage!
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MartinLogan Motion Speaker System Reviewed

"I was impressed by just how comfortable these speakers were playing at high volumes, and in fact often sounded better at these levels. If you want a home theater and music system to rock on a budget, these are speakers to seriously check out. Their high efficiency and low impedance help them maximize output from receivers, allowing one to have the volume and dynamics found in truly great home theaters and music systems at a budget price."

—Dr. Ken Taraszka, Home Theater Review
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The MartinLogan Motion 4

"If we are going to get more people excited about the world of HiFi, this is definitely what we need a lot more of. I am very happy to award MartinLogan one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2010...the Motion 4’s are worthy of the MartinLogan name on the box. "

—Jeff Dorgay, ToneAudio
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Технические характеристики могут быть изменены без предварительного уведомления

Частотный отклик

70–25 000 Гц ± 3 дБ

Рекомендуемая мощность усилителя

20–150 Вт

Вертикальная дисперсия

80 ° х 80 °


90 дБ при 2,83 вольт / метр

полное сопротивление

4 Ом Совместим с 4, 6,
или усилители на 8 Ом.

Частота кроссовера

2900 Гц

Высокочастотный драйвер

1 "х 1,4" (2,6 см х 3,6 см)
Сложенный датчик движения с
5,25 "х 1,75" (13,3 см х
4,4 см) диафрагма.

Низкочастотный драйвер

4 ”(10,2 см) бумажный конус с
штампованная стальная корзина. Нерезонансное
асимметричная камера
формат. Жесткий структурированный пылезащитный колпачок
уменьшить режим разрушения конуса


Складной бас-рефлекторный порт


Таможенная воздушная сердцевина катушки и низкий
DCR стальные ламинатные индукторы.
Пленочные конденсаторы из полиэстера в серии
и электролитические конденсаторы с низкой DF
в параллели. Общая система
тепловая / токовая защита.

Связывающие посты

Push стиль с банановыми гнездами


6 фунтов (2,72 кг

Размеры (В х Ш х Г)

12,6 "х 5,6" х 5,25 "
(32 см х 14,2 см х 13,3 см)

Отзывы клиентов - Motion 4

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  • пятница, 14 сентября 2018 г.

Purchased 2018 refurbished, very high quality build and awesome sound. I'm comparing them to my Martin Logan Sequel ll electrostatics and they sound great a perfect fit. They are Martin Logan all the way. Great job by ML.


  • четверг, 22 декабря 2016 г.

Excellent tweeter, excellent sound.
These speakers sound amazing for the price and the size. I am a Bowers and Wilkins fan. In my living room I have a 7.1 system comprised of those speakers. I bought two of the Motion 4 for my bedroom. I have them powered by a separate amp connected to zone 2 of my Denon receiver. They sound brilliant. In a way they are clearer than the B & W. The bass and sound from these small speakers is amazing! The tweeter and highs honestly trounce the B and W. They lack a little bass but that was expected. The midrange is excellent.

Thomas W.

  • четверг, 15 сентября 2016 г.

Motion 4 high fidelity speakers
Purchased on Sept 9th and couldn't be happier. What a difference in sound resolution. Each musical instrument comes through clear with these speakers. I keep the treble up and the bass down to enjoy the fidelity these speaker bring to my ears. I may be pretentious with my family about the audio quality but I have to point out instruments that come through very detailed in their audio presentation for how it is all delivered. Will be purchasing the Motion Center 8 next.


  • четверг, 16 июня 2016 г.

Amazing value
After test driving a LOT of speakers in the under 500 each category, I picked the Motion 4's for my modest setup. Driven by my Sony STR-DN1060 in just a 2.0 configuration, the sounds is nothing short of phenominal for speakers in this price range. And I got TWO for just under 500 dollars. Great product.

Mr. M

  • понедельник, 5 октября 2015 г.

Awesome sound quality!
These speakers are a great addition for anyone looking to have a crystal clear great performing sound system. I bought these as rear surround speakers to slowly upgrade my 5.1 system to a 7.1 system. I am still breaking the speakers in but wow these are simply amazing, especially for the price. Next purchase I will be adding the motion 15's to replace my front speakers along with the motion8 center. Great quality and sound as always by Martin Logan!


  • понедельник, 22 декабря 2014 г.

Motion 4
First let me say, I have done countless hours of research when upgrading my old pieced together surround sound. My left and rights were punchy enough that I did not need a subwoofer, as they had an 8" sub included. So my theory was to go more slim and sleek, but still wanted a little bass because I was not buying everything all at once. So, after reading many reviews, blogs, and forums, I decided to go with the motion 4, due to the baffled-port design and their dimensions. Also, the guys at Best Buy let me crank them up in the store. And let me tell you, these DELIVER! I hooked them up with my old Aiwa 180 degree speakers and set them as zone 2 on my receiver and had my Aiwa's on zone 1. So I could listen to all types of music, movies, and cable tv at the same time. These speakers produce a very accurate sound with a substantial bass element for their size. Yes, the folded tweeter can get a bit bright, but with tweaking of the receiver and sound settings, was able to balance it out beautifully. They do open up and sound better the louder they get, and let me say without any distortion. But after the break in period, they are starting to sound better at low volumes than out of the box. I agree with most in saying they are better for music than movies, but only slightly. You really have to be an expert audiophile to hear the difference, which I consider myself. After, many dvd's, cd's, Bluetooth, and airplay these could not even compare to my older speakers, which consisted of one 8", 3 mids, and 2 tweeters. That's saying a lot coming from a 4" mid and tweeter. But it is true, and having my wife listen to both, she even made the conclusion same as me. I have since compared to sound bars and other speakers and keep bringing everything back and sticking with the Martin Logans. So, now I have paired them with a Motion 8 center channel and yes...broken down and bought the 700w dynamo sub. The center channel is connected and the sub is a Christmas present to myself from my wife, which she doesn't know about yet...wish me luck. But I can't express the quality of sound you will get from the speakers. It really doesn't compare with anything else at this price range. I am using a Sony STR-DN850 and it pushes them just fine and keep getting better the longer I listen to them. If you are looking for a superb quality sound and need to save a little space, these speakers are highly recommended! The Motion series will be my surround sound for many years to come and I just plan to update my receiver as needed. Thanks Martin Logan on being dedicated to producing accurate and superb sound in an "relatively" affordable and space-saving package! Sincerely, Jody


  • воскресенье, 28 апреля 2013 г.

Motion 4s are Outstanding speakers
I upgraded a 5.1 Logitech suround sound system for a computer and was using that for my home entertainment system, I though that the Logitech was an ausome system, I purched an entire 5.1 surround sound speakers all Martin Logans and I was blown away and the clearity of sound that came through those speakers I am using 2 Motion 4 speakers for my front L/R and they are Outstanding...


  • суббота, 6 апреля 2013 г.

Morion 4s as center channel
After 8 years of trying, I finally solved HT center channel intelligibility issues by using a pair of Motion 4s, angled outboard slightly (~15deg.) and down about 20 degrees. Wired in series to avoid low impedance. Speakers are above TV screen, vertical, with tweeters above mid/bass drivers. With a 15 foot wide HT and 14 foot setback, this provides the wide, uniform dispersion I needed, and the dialog clarity is excellent. Measuring +- 1.5 db across 4 chairs in the front row - 15 feet across!! Driving with Marantz separates @ 140 watts. Calibrated with AudysseyXT for level, delay and equalization. I auditioned the Motion 4s at home as a stereo pair before installing in my HT, and found them to produce excellent clarity, and impressive mid-bass for their size. Thanks for a fine American product. TNtrucker

Terrell M.

  • суббота, 12 января 2013 г.

MartinLogan Motion 4 speakers
Replaced some old Norman Lab Mini towers on my Mac. Great sound at a great price. Thank you.


  • четверг, 16 августа 2012 г.

Great Sounds for back
Clear sounds and great volumne for rear type speakers. Crystal clear


  • понедельник, 4 июня 2012 г.

best wall mounts out!!
I bought the motion 4 as my first pair of martin logan speakers. Wow i am amazed at the sound of the little guys. I am saving to get the new motion 40s next. Thanks martin logan!!


  • вторник, 8 ноября 2011 г.

My Home Theater
My Home Theater makeover includes (4) Motion 4 speaker's for suround, (1) Motion 8 for a front center channel and a Dynamo 700 for that extra thump. Christmas came early for me, and I was able to upgraded my 15 year old JBL Arc Titanium speakers that are now out in the kids room. The sound is clear and the wife does'nt ask me to turn it down as much. I have this all running through a Onkyo TX-NR709: 7.2 THX network reciver, 130 watts per channel, and 3D ready. I plan to add two more and upgrade from 5.1 in the future. I had the the speakers installed in less than 2 hours. The reciver had no issues when it came time to articlte the 5.1 surround sound making for perfect sound to the ear. I then sat down put in Captian Amercia 3D cranked up the volume and enjoyed. I have been looking to upgrade my speakers for years, and for the money the Motion series speakers deliver the goods. I would reccomend anyone who can't afford to go all out to take look at the Motion series speakers.


  • понедельник, 3 октября 2011 г.

Motion 2,4,8 & Dynamo 500 Surround Sound System
Motion 8 center, Motion 4 fronts, Motion 2 rears, Dynamo 5000 subwoofer - Yamamha RX series receiver with >100W per channel. Fantastic audio quality especially at higher volumes. The high frequency clarity at all levels is superior to any similarly priced systems I have ever heard. The bass richness & depth really comes alive at mid to high volumes, like a turbo kicks in at a specific volume. I like the unique styling and build quality. Nice attention to detail with supplied accessories / connectors. They are 4 ohm impedance, so need >100W per channel from a trypical 8 ohm receiver output to drive them to their optimum level. A great choice for a small to medium sized room.


  • четверг, 14 апреля 2011 г.

Motion 4
I must say that Motion 4 are simply best speakers. Well packed. Perfect top end, mid range and bass. Very sweet top end. I am really happy with the product. Best Luck for future products like this.


  • воскресенье, 27 февраля 2011 г.

MartinLogan Rocks!
Amazing sound by these small but mighty speakers. The folded ribbon technology caught my ear. I am a big fan of clean, crisp highs. This two way speaker can also put out some impressive bass. Response is impressive at 70-25,000 Hz. However; to add even more depth, I bought a Martin Logan Dynamo sub woofer. The combination is incredible! Perfect solution for your bedroom to a nice size den or basement. I am running them through a pre HDMI JVC flagship receiver. My endeavor is to build a system for audio quality. It\'s a great start. Soon going to add a pair of ML Purity speakers and use the Motion 4\'s for the rear. Very happy with the quality for the price. Just DEW it and go out and listen to will be impressed!

David Leva

  • вторник, 22 февраля 2011 г.

I have about 2,000 Grateful Dead shows on cds and 2,000 non-Dead shows as well. I listen to cd's, vinyl, Pandora and pretty much anything, pretty much all of the time. Thinking that it as time to start updating my system. I was not sure where to start until I walked into a Best Buy and the young salesman was playing with the Motion 2s and 4s he had just installed and the fullness and clarity of the sound MADE ME SMILE. Now, even though they are powered by a very old but still good amp, they sound great. I turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy.

john S.

  • суббота, 18 декабря 2010 г.

I purchased Motion 4's and a Dynamo 500 for my new media room. I hooked them to a Samsung 46" LED and Yamaha RX-A700. I have received truly awesome results. The sound is crystal-clear, with resounding (but not over-powering) Bass. After a few moments listening to a well-listened-to CD almost made me questioned if I had ever really heard it before. Actually, it was my wife who selected them as she was MOST impressed (specifically, she could detect clear separation of sounds - unlike with Bose). Previously, we had - over the years - several Bose systems. highly recommend the Martin-Logans. I would never consider purchasing any other sound system.


  • суббота, 18 декабря 2010 г.

Bedroom now in motion
My recent purchases of a center channel Motion 8 and rear channel Motion FX's were in line with listening to the Motion 4's at the Magnolia store. Not a great listening place however equal to all speakers in the room. I decide to update my bedroom speakers and fell in love with the Motion 4's sleek design and clean sound testing the usual victims of speakers. Bought them and are now enjoying another set ML speakers. In the bedroom they are great in a theater system a sub would be needed to fill the impact. Sonically female voices seem octivally pure, sibilant sounds are very well controlled, treble and bass are clean and inviting not boomy or brittle. On the Stones, Pink Floyd, Vavaldi and Bach they seem to hit my mark as in a 10 class. I'm not normally a person who writes stuff but but...felt a need to share.


  • вторник, 14 декабря 2010 г.

Even With An Old Amp
I hooked up the new Motion 4's to my ancient Kenwood amp. The amp still specs and sounds great but not like the new ones used to power the speakers in the showroom. I expected some improvement over my old ROCK SOLIDS but not what I got. The clarity is amazing. I can hear the pick hit the guitar strings and the wooden drum sticks against the skins. The speed is excellent, also. The instruments are sharp, not fading in and out. I can not wait to complete my surround sound system.

Craig T.

  • пятница, 10 декабря 2010 г.

I just purchased the Motion 4s to replace my old bookshelf speakers in my office. The difference is incredible! I still have the old speakers hooked up and am constantly comparing the Motion 4s to the old speakers. I love hearing the difference in clarity and liveliness. I also purchased a Dynamo 500 subwoofer. The combination of the Motion 4s and the sub is perfect. Everyone at the office is commenting on the range of sound that we are hearing from the system - especially on the low-end. We're hearing sounds that we haven't heard before. Thank you!

Craig R

  • воскресенье, 28 ноября 2010 г.

Excellent Sound From A Little Package!
After listening to several speakers in this price range, I kept going back to the Motion 4 speakers. These speakers far surpass the competition. The clarity is incredible. A must buy.


  • воскресенье, 10 октября 2010 г.

Match for Motion 12
Thes speakers are amazing. I took the advice from the home theater store and Martin Logan. Both were right on their suggestion.


  • понедельник, 12 июля 2010 г.

Excellent Monitor
These speakers soar with about every type of music you throw at them. THe detail of the mids and highs are phenomenal, and when mounted on the wall the bass is very ample. These have to be my best value speaker purchase in the last 7 years.

Mark B.

  • среда, 30 июня 2010 г.

Accurate Sound
These speakers deliver tremendous accuracy, clarity, balance and presence. Sounds like the music is being played right in front of you live!.Highs are distinct and sharp with wonderful mids. I suggest you use these with a sub woofer to balance them out, as they lack any bottom, as an excellent speaker of this kind will. Can't really have it all in one speaker without sacrificing somewhere.Well worth the investment. Great for space limited areas as well!

Justo C.

  • среда, 16 июня 2010 г.

Outstanding bookshelf speakers
These Martin Logan bookshelf speakers are the first ones that I have purchased. I've always heard the name but never did I think that they sold bookshelf speakers. I've owned high end speakers for a number of years. Recently, I purchased Definitive Technology speakers for my home cinema. When I needed to downsize the speakers I've had for 30 years at my second house, I looked for Definitive Technology again but after reading some reviews, I decided to listen to these speakers. The music that came out of these speakers were astounding! It had crisp highs and the mid-levels were quite good. I listen to jazz and rock and roll with the occasional classical music. I really expected a drop in realistic music reproduction especially after owning the 30 year old speakers but I was modestly surprised with the sound. Needless to say, I'm very happy with my purchase, so is my wife, who had been hinting that I should get rid of those "big ugly things" in the music room. She actually smiled when she saw the replacement speakers. She loved the sound that came out of them, too. She plans to read in that room with soft music playing in the background.