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The great outdoors gets an audio upgrade thanks to MartinLogan’s Outdoor Living Series of audiophile-quality exterior loudspeakers.

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The Outdoor Living Series is the pinnacle of performance in outdoor loudspeaker technology. It features rugged, all-weather materials, and completely weather- and water-proof construction, for years of great performance even in extreme conditions. Built-in brackets and jointed arms give you endless mounting options; unique underground subwoofers deliver surprising thump, and unobtrusive designs blend into landscaping and outdoor décor. State-of-the-art audio technology inside guarantees the ultimate in high performance audio in places you never imagined it.

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不妥协的表现。不懈的准确性。坚定不移的可靠性。利用静电原理的无数技术优势,以最真实的形式重现声音 - 这就是MartinLogan的全部内容。