Motion XT B100

Distinctive Design, Elegant Execution, Beautiful Sound. Motion: Reimagined.

Motion XT B100

Our best bookshelf speaker, for those wanting maximum performance without moving to a tower speaker. The Gen2 Folded Motion® XT Tweeter and Nomex®-Reinforced Kevlar® woofer deliver exceptional clarity and precision, making B100 ideal for 2-channel or home theater setups. For those desiring a stand mount option, the B100 is threaded to securely attach to our matching STAND25 speaker stand (sold separately) for maximum stability.

US$799.99 每

Motion®: Reimagined

Our most ambitious acoustic and aesthetic development in MartinLogan's 40-year history. Motion® Series defines elegance and performance by leveraging exclusive technologies and decades of experience. The result is a loudspeaker collection that is not just an upgrade of its predecessor, but a whole new level of quality and excellence.

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Legendary MartinLogan Sound

MartinLogan speakers are known for their exceptional articulation, detail and realism, regardless of the listening environment. By using advanced thin-film technologies and Controlled Dispersion, MartinLogan delivers a unique and unparalleled listening experience that is not commonly found in other speakers.


Gen2 Obsidian Folded Motion® Tweeter XT

The Gen2 Obsidian FMT XT Tweeter has been upgraded with a larger motor to provide higher output and lower distortion. The FMT XT offers the most effortless and detailed sound in the Motion range with a 40% increase in surface area over our signature FMT. Outside of our legendary Electrostatic speakers, these new tweeters provide our cleanest, most detailed and accurate high frequency presentation to date.

Folded Motion® Waveguide

After an extensive evaluation of nearly 50 design options, the Folded Motion® Waveguide profile was meticulously chosen to harmoniously align with the dispersion of the midrange drivers, resulting in enhanced output. The waveguide guarantees consistent sound quality regardless of the listener's position and minimizes unwanted room reflections. Proper waveguide design is crucial as it helps control the sound's dispersion pattern, ensuring that the sound is evenly distributed across the listening area and resulting in optimal sound quality.

Nomex®-Reinforced Kevlar® Midrange

The Nomex®-Reinforced Kevlar® Mid-bass in the Motion® XT B100 offers a perfect balance of lightweight, strength, anti-resonance and anti-ringing properties for unparalleled sound quality. When combined with the Gen2 Obsidian FMT XT, the clarity of vocals, dialogue and instrumental accuracy is unmatched at any volume. The seamless integration with Motion® XT CI products makes creating custom solutions effortless.

Modern Design Featuring

Luxurious FinishesThe Motion® speakers are the epitome of high-performance audio, utilizing cutting-edge technology and the highest quality materials to deliver sound quality that is truly unmatched. Their sleek, sophisticated design is an artful complement to any luxurious interior. Available in three finishes of Piano Black, Walnut, and Satin White, the Motion® series is an exquisite addition to any discerning individual's home, rivaling the most elegant of furnishings. Upgrade your audio experience and enhance your space with the Motion® series.


The perfect match for B10 and B100, STAND25 includes interchangeable color trim pieces and attaches to the speaker base for maximum stability.

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  • 2024年4月3日星期三

Bought a pair of Motion XT B100 and could not be happier. They sound and look fantastic. By far the best I demoed and nicest I've ever owned. I had the opportunity to demo about 10 other speakers. I liked a many of the ones I demoed but kept coming back to the B100. It set the bar. Once I had a chance to demo the B100 I kept comparing everything else to it and to my ears it was the favorite every time. I loved how clear the highs were and also appreciated how full the rest of the sound felt to me. I read/watched some reviews but mostly guided myself by listening comparison. I love the way they look and sound. I got the black. I was partial to the walnut as I think the copper highlights around the woofer are really striking but in the end went more traditional with black. All the stock images of the black don't do it justice in my opinion. They look like the woofer ring is silver but it's not at all. It's almost gunmetal or titanium looking and is much more subtle than in the stock photos. Looks fantastic. I may add the C100 later but for now am enjoying listening in stereo.