Features and General Questions for Electrostatic Speakers

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What are some advantages of MartinLogan electrostatic speakers?

Updated: Aug 24 2018

[1] Because the electrostatic diaphragm is essentially massless, it is capable of responding to each individual sonic event with extraordinary speed—from the most subtle background passages to the most explosive transients. There is no lag time which can distort the music. Instead you hear everything as the performer and composer intended.

[2] MartinLogan curvilinear line source electrostatic speakers output a more focused dispersion pattern, which maximizes the direct sound field and minimizes the reflected sound fields and room reverberation. This means that you experience more of the program as it was recorded. The sound stage is there, the original room acoustics are preserved and you are transported into the performance. For home theater it means that all of the final mix-effects, dialog, and surround are clearly and accurately reproduced.

[3] Real world sound sources radiate sound so that each frequency reaches the listener at exactly the right moment—without delay. This is one reason that real world sounds sound realistic. MartinLogan ESL loudspeakers utilize a single transducer capable of reproducing most of the audio spectrum. This unique property of ESL transducers means that MartinLogan speakers can cross-over at lower frequencies—typically 250 Hz—thus assuring that each audio event reaches your ear at exactly the right time. This means that the performance seems as real and detailed as the original.

不妥协的表现。不懈的准确性。坚定不移的可靠性。利用静电原理的无数技术优势,以最真实的形式重现声音 - 这就是MartinLogan的全部内容。