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Do Motion Vision and Vision X have a high-pass when a subwoofer is connected?

Created: Aug 07 2018 | Updated: Aug 24 2018

Motion Vision and Motion Vision X redirect the LFE signal to the subwoofer when one is connected to the soundbar. Make sure to use the soundbar's menu to tell it that a soundbar is connected.

The Vision does not implement an additional high-pass when the subwoofer is engaged. The subwoofer will only play below the lowest frequency of the soundbar's built-in woofers drivers.

The Vision X reduces the woofer output when a subwoofer is engaged (the resulting high pass crossover is higher). This results in less output from the soundbar's built in woofers when using an external subwoofer.

Neither soundbar plays “full range”. They both have high-pass filters engaged at all times to prevent overload of the soundbar woofers as the approach the lowest frequencies of their operating range. These high-pass filters are an integral part of the amplification and equalization of these soundbars.

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