Troubleshooting Wireless Products

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The Play-Fi app cannot find my wireless audio device.

Created: Sep 28 2015 | Updated: Aug 24 2018

  • Verify your wireless network is functioning correctly. You may need to restart your router.
  • If the Wi-Fi Status light is solid (indicating a connection):


    • Try restarting the app. On iOS and Android this is done by double clicking the home button to show currently running apps and closing the Play-Fi app by swiping it to the side/top
    • If restarting the app does not work try closing the app and then unplugging the wireless audio device. Plug the unit back in and wait until the Wi-Fi light turns solid. Now restart the Play-Fi app.
  • If you are trying to setup your wireless audio device, verify the wireless audio device is fully powered on and in Access Point Mode (Wi-Fi Indicator light is pulsing slowly). If the Wi-Fi Indicator light does not pulse slowly, press and hold the Wi-Fi Setup button for 8 seconds. You will hear two tones—one at 3 seconds and another at 8 seconds.
  • Verify you are within the recommended range of your wireless router.
  • Verify your mobile device or PC has its Wi-Fi enabled or is otherwise connected to your network.
  • Verify there are no other apps running on your device that might impede wireless connectivity to your network.
  • Restart your phone, tablet, or PC.
  • If you still can’t find the wireless audio device on your network and are in an office environment, verify with your network administrator that no special permissions are enabled that would prevent external wireless audio devices from communicating with the network.
  • If the wireless audio device is still not found, uninstall, re-download, and re-install the DTS Play?Fi app on your mobile device or PC.
  • Reboot your wireless audio device. Click here for rebooting instructions. This reboot will cycle the power off and on and force the wireless audio device to reconnect to your network.  Network settings will not be cleared.
  • Reset your wireless audio device to factory settings. Click here for factory reset instructions. This will reset your wireless audio device to factory settings and clear the network configuration. After a reset has been performed, there is no way to recover the previous user configured settings.


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