Il miglior diffusore elettrostatico a banda intera mondo ">   Il miglior diffusore elettrostatico a banda intera mondo ">   Il miglior diffusore elettrostatico a banda intera mondo " />

CLX: 25th Anniversary

Il miglior diffusore elettrostatico a banda intera mondo

  Il miglior diffusore elettrostatico a banda intera mondo

Il CLX è la sintesi di tutto ciò che abbiamo appreso sulla tecnologia elettrostatica da quando abbiamo lanciato il nostro primo prodotto sul mercato nel 1983. La purezza del suono invade la stanza di ascolto e soddisfa anche l'orecchio più critico. Il nuovo punto di riferimento del settore per risoluzione nei dettagli, CLX utilizza due trasduttori elettrostatici per rendere al massimo anche i passaggi musicali più complessi. Tutto questo è CLX, l’assoluta verità nella riproduzione musicale.

Launched in 2008

Price when discontinued:
25.000,00 USD


MartinLogan CLX Full-Range Electrostatic Loudspeaker: A New Standard of Transparency

"Because they are so neutral in balance, so “not there” as sound sources, so low in distortion and high in transparency, they make my better and best recordings, particularly of smaller-scale music, sound more realistic than any other speaker I’ve had in my home (at low to medium-loud volumes)."

—Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound
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Acoustics Test MartinLogan CLX Art [RUSSIAN]

"[Translated] Loudspeakers of reference level, both in sound and performance, which deserve an honorable place in the audio Hall of Fame. artinLogan CLX Art, literally stuffed with advanced technological innovations, is a sample of holography and three-dimensionality: the most important parameters to which any high-end system can aspire. It is simply impossible to not fall in love with them."

—Anatoly Maksimenko,
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Girls, Shoes and Speakers

"The extra level of resolution provided by the CLX brings you so much closer to the music, providing an immersive field of sound that takes you somewhere special."

—Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio
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The Speaker They Said They'd Never Build

"It's this sense of completeness, the way that everything you get is presented as part of a single, coherent and contiguous whole that makes the CLXs so special; that and the fact that they do so without reducing the music, the musicians or their range of colours"

—Roy Gregory, Absolute Sound
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MartinLogan CLX Electrostatic Loudspeakers Reviewed

"CLX's are everything I could've hoped for and more. They exceeded my aural expectations in ways I was prepared for having owned the older CLS'. These are not an update, no sir, the CLX are a whole new animal, one that if you're lucky enough to let them out of the cage, will astound you with their sonic beauty and grace but be able to maul you with their bass. Seriously, I can think of no other speaker I'd rather own right now than the CLX's"

—Andrew Robinson, Home Theater Review
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Martin Logan's new CLX From Hi-Fi World

"...what Martin Logan have achieved with the CLX is impressive; they are a near perfect exponent of the art. Technically and subjectively their tonal balance is convincing, sound from the Mylar film is unobstructed by the stators for unrivalled insight, detail retrieval and clarity, bass power is plentiful and maximum volume very high..A meticulously crafted electrostatic that's free from traditional limitations, this is one of the very best loudspeakers money can buy."

—Noel Keywood, Hi-Fi World
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Le specifiche sono soggette a modifiche senza preavviso

Risposta in frequenza

56-23.000 Hz ± 3dB

Potenza amplificatore consigliata

20-450 watt per canale

Dispersione orizzontale

30 °

Dispersione verticale

57 "(145 cm) sorgente di linea


90 dB / 2,83 volt / metro


6 Ohm, 0,7 a 20kHz Compatibile con amplificatori con 4, 6 o 8 Ohm.

Frequenza di crossover


Trasduttore ad alta frequenza

Trasduttore elettrostatico XStat ™ CLS ™.
»Dimensioni del pannello: 57" x 8.6 "(145 x 22 cm)
»Area radiante: 490 in² (3,190 cm²)

Trasduttore a bassa frequenza

Trasduttore elettrostatico a bassa frequenza a doppio diaframma a doppio diaframma statorico DualForce ™.
»Dimensioni del pannello: 57" x 11,5 "(144,8 x 29,2 cm)
»Area radiante: 656 in² (4,228 cm²)


Film spesso su resistori di substrato di allumina, bobine di nucleo d'aria, condensatori di polipropilene e trasformatori audio toroidali avvolti su misura


Post vincolanti personalizzati


Comandi dimmer di intensità luminosa


152 libbre (69 kg)


70,32 "x 25,75" x 14,69 "
(178,6 cm x 65,4 cm x 37,3 cm)

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  • sabato 26 dicembre 2009

Running In
I am still running in my new CLX's and previously ran a pair of Summit's. Another week will cover the 100 hour mark and I can already hear a big change to the warmth and depth of bass. Wow they produce an intense sound that is so much more alive and detailed with an energy and drive to the sound never before heard with the Summit's. I am listening to them in a small room which is only 11 foot wide and 16 foot long and the speakers sit only eight inches off the side walls but about 3 feet from the rear wall. I was concerned that the bass response might be too strong with a large speaker in a small space but room interaction seems to be almost non existant. Although the speakers are fairly close together at 6 feet I am still able to get very good imaging but the sitting position is very critical. I am running a Descent sub with the CLX as changing from the Summit's bass response to the CLX's was quite a contrast. I will see how well the sub works first before considering a possible upgrade to the Descent i. So far so good but I am missing about 15hz with the sub swithed to 40Hz. I will let you know how I get on after a few more weeks running in. System: Krell 505 CD/SACD Krell KCT Pre amp Krell FPB400cx Power amp Cast Cables Transparent Reference XL to speakers Transparent Reference MM Power conditioner Transparent Reference MM Powerlinks Martin Logan Descent