Motion 10

Компактный напольный динамик с твитером Folded Motion ™, портированным двойным сабвуфером и черным шпоном натурального дерева.

Launched in 2010

Price when discontinued:
799,95 $



"MartinLogan has hit a home run with the Motion system, pure and simple. It is a compact, well made, and attractively finished surround sound speaker system that can fit into spaces where larger systems simply will not work. But most importantly, the Motion system preserves MartinLogan’s sonic “family values,” meaning that it offers clarity, subtlety and nuance combined with an unexpectedly vibrant, full-bodied sound."

—Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound
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Частотный отклик


Рекомендуемая мощность усилителя

20-200 Вт
на канал

Номинальное сопротивление

4 Ом Совместим с усилителями на 4, 6 или 8 Ом.

Вертикальная дисперсия

80 ° х 80 °


90 дБ при 2,83 В / м

Частота кроссовера

3,0 кГц

Высокочастотный драйвер

1 "x 1,4" (2,6 см x 3,6 см) сложенный высокочастотный динамик Motion ™
с 5,25 "х 1,75" (13,3 см х 4,4 см) диафрагмой.

Низкочастотный драйвер

Два 5,25 "(13,3 см) бумажных конуса с литыми алюминиевыми корзинами.



Свойства низкочастотного драйвера

Нерезонансный асимметричный формат камеры.

Компоненты кроссовера

Специальная катушка с воздушным сердечником и индукторами из ламината с низким содержанием DCR. Пленочные полиэфирные конденсаторы последовательно и электролитические конденсаторы с низким коэффициентом DF параллельно. Общая система тепловой / токовой защиты.

Связывающие посты

Push стиль с банановыми гнездами


22 фунта (10 кг)


35,1 "х 9,9" х 10 "
(89,1 см х 25,1 см х 25,4 см)

Отзывы клиентов - Motion 10

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Richard D.

  • четверг, 1 августа 2013 г.

Surround for sound quality at low volume
I purchased these Motion 10's back in April 2013 and couldn't be happier. I (unusual done) use them as my surround sound speakers on a high end sound system. I live in a small apartment and placed them next to but slightly ahead of my front surround speakers. They add a very creative sound effect that I wanted at low volume. As an apartment dweller, I can now appreciate the low yet wonderful sound effects I was so desperately trying to achieve. I also use a powered sub but set at low rumble, unless I kick it up about 10 notches. There are endless things one can create with their sound systems (being patient), is one. Thank you Martin Logan for the great value of a remarkable speaker. Have always wanted to try the Electrostatic speakers you offered.


  • пятница, 28 декабря 2012 г.

Motion 10/sub 300
I don't know what improvements were made to this model but it really sounds so incredulous to hear the crispness and clarity of vocals. The midrange is perfect and the sub that I had added to it makes it the perfect soundsystem in my 12x17x9(height) listening room. Every music from Norah Jones to Peter White guitars sounds like I'm right there at the recording studio or live concert. And to top it all excellent service from staffer Scott Gribble.

Mike S.

  • суббота, 9 июня 2012 г.

Martin Logan Discovered
Until 2 months ago I had never heard of Martin Logan. I was in the market for a new system and someone I know was working at Future Shop, I was reminded time and time again to come down and just listen to these spekers. So I did. The Motion 10 was the smallest speaker on the floor. I immediately like that as my space is small. We listened to all that was avaliable and even though the others (other brands) dwarft these small towers the sound quality from them was as good and better than most. The mids and highs were balanced, powerful and clear. I like bass, these did not rumble out the lower frequencies I wanted (understandable) so all I had to do is match them with the Dynamo 300 powered sub. Wow, thats better, a small unit that fills in what was missing. The bass from the Dynamo is tight and powerful, exactly what I always wanted. Just so you know this little unit WILL shake your walls if you want it to. In conclusion, if you are looking for quality in a small package, priced well with a great warranty, Just listin to Martin Logan, They sell them selves.

Tom N.

  • воскресенье, 15 апреля 2012 г.

great speakers
Man for me these Rock!!!! Just the right size for my space . Add so many demetions to the shows never new I was missing so much. love it thanks. For developing them.


  • пятница, 27 января 2012 г.

Hi fellow Martin Logan fans. I am new to the site and recently purchased my set of motion 10's with a motion 8 center. This was an upgrade from an older HTIB (home theater in a box) system. The minute I started using this system I heard a difference in quality. All elements of sound are replicated in these speakers. Calling them excellent is a drastic understatement. I am planning on either purchasing a pair of motion 2's or motion 4's. However I am also considering buying another pair of motion 10's and using those as my rear speakers. Any suggestions?


  • среда, 18 января 2012 г.

The absolute BEST speakers, ever!
Hi all- I am writing this review to Martin Logan because their speakers are the best. I work at hi-fi retail store that sell your products, and I always wanted them. Now I do and I can not believe the quality. Excellent product.

Dominik K.

  • суббота, 3 сентября 2011 г.

I Couldn't Ask For More
To start off, let me mention that these speakers sound spectacular. I previously owned a Bose system and it sounded as though and update was necessary. My amplifier/receiver was 4 ohms, so I decided to look for something in said range. My first choice was to buy the Motion 4 bookshelf speakers. Not that there isn't anything wrong with them, but I had enough space for floorstanding speakers and enough taste for more bass. I mainly use my speakers just for music, so my focus was overall soundstage and tonal depth. I immediately fell in love with the Motion 10's! Not only do they look modern and sleek, but the sound is magnificent! Every sound in my music library came to life in great detail. The mid/high tones were very clean and the bass was tight and well pronounced from these relatively small speakers. Once paired with a subwoofer, this system will be perfect! For those who have enough floor space and a well-made amplifier/receiver, there shouldn't be any doubts about getting these speakers! Great work, MartinLogan!

Harold F.

  • воскресенье, 22 мая 2011 г.

Motion 10 Speakers
I purchased a pair of Motion 10 speakers from Best Buy at their Magnolia Home Theater store. These stores sell higher-end electronics. I've paired them with a Mirage sub-woofer, center speaker and a pair of Mirage surround speakers. All are for an 80Watt system. I've had the speakers but a few days and they are wonderful. I can't wait for the seventy hour break-in period to see if there is any significant difference. I looked at Polk and Pioneer as I was limited to space and height restrictions. These Motion 10's were more expensive but way outclassed the others.


  • воскресенье, 31 октября 2010 г.

I work for a large box audio retailer so i get to hear alot of equipment. one of my co workers said we're moving a set of martin logans out of a sound room! I didnt need speakers just recently upgraded to polk rtis in march. I said what the hell ill go hear them. got them at very reasonable price. got home plugged them in to my elite. got eveything set up. and turned it on. my jaw hit the floor. they are amazing. Im in the process of switching the rest of my speakers over to martin logans. Will never buy anything else great product thank you for making quality stuff. will recommend to all my customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scotty G.

  • четверг, 30 сентября 2010 г.

Martin Logan Motion 10
I have 4 Martin Logan Motion 10 speakers in my living room as my front and rear speakers, with a Motion 8 as my center channel. The surround sound for television/movies is amazing, but that was the secondary reason I bought the speakers. The main reason I purchased the speakers was for my music. I have all of my music ripped as lossless AIFF on my iPod and the quality of the sound is beyond amazing! My music has never sounded as good as it does with my new system. Martin Logan\'s are expensive, and worth every penny!