Outdoor Living 4.1 System

Superb MartinLogan Sound in the Great Outdoors

As much as carefully chosen adornments enhance the visual appeal and enjoyment of the scenery, compelling music from high-performance speakers enhances the ambiance. MartinLogan's Outdoor Living system brings unmatched audio quality to the music in your outdoor living space.

US$3,499.99 系统

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MartinLogan的户外生活系统可以使用Crown CDi 1000放大器供电。从MartinLogan订购时,Crown CDi 1000放大器预装了正确的设置,以适应MartinLogan户外生活系统扬声器和低音炮。但是,任何Crown CDi 1000放大器都可以使用下面的文件加载MartinLogan预设。

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