Outdoor Living 4.1 System

Superb MartinLogan Sound in the Great Outdoors

As much as carefully chosen adornments enhance the visual appeal and enjoyment of the scenery, compelling music from high-performance speakers enhances the ambiance. MartinLogan's Outdoor Living system brings unmatched audio quality to the music in your outdoor living space.

$3,499.99 system
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Software Download For Outdoor Living 4.1 System

MartinLogan’s Outdoor Living system can be powered using the Crown CDi 1000 Amplifier. When ordered from MartinLogan, the Crown CDi 1000 Amplifier comes pre-loaded with the correct settings to accommodate MartinLogan Outdoor Living System speakers and subwoofers. However, any Crown CDi 1000 Amplifier can be loaded with MartinLogan presets using the file below.

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