Monolith II

Sound Judgement

The innovative approach of MartinLogan ESL design delivers fully dispersed quality sound with a maximum of bass pressurization and freedom from blurred imaging.

The simple, sculptured lines of the cabinet are the first thing you notice. It's not, however, until you listen to the unforgettable purity of sound that your can truly appreciate why the MartinLogan Monolith II loudspeaker has become a classic, and why it remains one. The Monolith II is the result of MartinLogan's early breakthrough thinking in electrostatic technology. The clarity of its sound bathes the entire listening area with all the exquisite truth and beauty of live performance. When you listen, it's easy to understand why our loudspeakers are not priced for everyone. We built them to be the finest in the world. Sound judgment will tell you that this is what you deserve.

Launched in 1985

Price when discontinued:



Specifications are subject to change without notice


Specifications are unknown. If you have an original Monolith II manual or brochure with specifications, please send them to


Screw terminal panel for single amp or bi-amplification

Customer Reviews For Monolith II

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Charles Himself

  • Sunday, December 16, 2012

Back to the Future
I found a nice used pair. These sound very bright and transparent, lacking some bass. I've heard that replacing the Mylar brings them back to life. The woofers are a little weak, I've found no upgrade, and the factory woofer replacement is the exact same as from 1985. ESL = love.