Motion 5.1

Home Theatre Speaker System

A compact 5.1-channel home theater speaker system that includes four Motion 2i speakers, a Motion 6i center channel, and a Dynamo 400 subwoofer. The Motion speakers feature Folded Motion® tweeters and 3.5-inch poly cone woofers, install on shelf or walls, and come in gloss black. Dynamo 400 features a 150 Watt (peak) amplifier, 8-inch audiophile-grade woofer, and RCA and speaker level input options.

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Price when discontinued:
$1,499.99 system

Motion 2i and 6i

Engineering, Without Compromises

What makes the Motion Series sound so amazing? MartinLogan's dedicated in-house engineering and design team started by utilizing and refining the most advanced, compact technologies and combining them with innovative engineering and time-honored cabinet construction techniques. The result is an emotionally engaging sound that rivals (and most times trounces) traditional loudspeakers of similar size and price. Our 'no compromise' philosophy gives Motion Series a unique sound you won't find anywhere else.

Sound Inspired by Electrostatic Speakers

The success of the Motion Series is directly attributed to its close relation to MartinLogan’s legendary ultra-high-end electrostatic loudspeakers. The desire to transmute that level of performance into a more traditional speaker at a more affordable price drove the initial design imperatives that created the Motion Series.


Folded Motion® Tweeters

MartinLogan's signature Folded Motion tweeter utilizes an extremely low mass diaphragm that "squeezes" air, thus demanding significantly less excursion than the typical 1-inch dome tweeter. Its crimped design allows for a much larger surface area (compared to that of a regular 1-inch dome tweeter), controlled dispersion characteristics, and vanishingly low distortion. It's a miracle of audio engineering that's able to deliver much of the high-frequency detail and speed of a large, dynamic electrostatic panel in a small space.

Proprietary Vojtko™ Crossover Networks

Compact Motion 2i and 6i Series speakers feature proprietary Vojtko crossover networks using custom air core coil inductors, low DCR steel laminate inductors, and polyester film and low-DF electrolytic capacitors for a seamless sonic presentation.

Modern Curves and Luxurious Finish

After refining the perfecting the acoustic details, MartinLogan designers focused on elegant yet understated styling that complements flat-panel televisions and other high-end components. To achieve this, we gave compact Motion bookshelf and center channel speakers a flawless gloss black finish and compact, slender enclosures. Subtle curves, along with MartinLogan's signature perforated grille, add to the elegant and timeless look.

Versatile Placement—On a wall, Shelf, or Stands

Not only do the curves on the compact Motion 2i bookshelf speaker Series look great, but they also serve a purpose—allowing them to mount at two different angles with the included wall bracket. This means you can point sound directly toward the desired listening area for high or low wall mounting applications. Motion 2i speakers don't have to be mounted. In fact, they look and sound great on speaker stands, or sitting next to your TV on a shelf.

Easy Hookup

Convenient, high-quality, push-style binding posts are recessed into the speaker's cabinet along with curved guides that allow wires to slide into place effortlessly. These binding posts are also designed to facilitate the use of banana plug connectors.

Dynamo 400

2-Channel and LFE Input

Dynamo 400 feature left and right input via RCA line level as well as speaker level connections. The right RCA input doubles as an LFE input for home theater applications.



The Dynamo 400 subwoofer features an advanced-design woofer with an inverted surround and powerful magnet, motor, and suspension design. The inverted surround significantly reduces airflow related turbulence for an articulate and detailed low-frequency experience. This advanced-technology woofer pairs a high-power magnet structure (significantly more robust than previous generations) with a low-mass diaphragm to provide massive excursion while perfectly preserving the tiniest bass detail. The exceptional damping properties of the cone ensure a smooth, non-resonant response necessary for truly seamless blending with high-performance loudspeakers. Every element of the Dynamo 400 subwoofer has been meticulously designed to deliver a staggering low-frequency performance – all without a hint of distortion.


Dynamo 400’s class-D amplifier operates with extremely low levels of distortion and delivers dynamic impact with plenty of overhead. A low-noise, high-power switching power supply produces clean power efficiently in a small space, and effortlessly provides tremendous levels of current. Both feature high-quality MOSFET transistors, transformers, noise-suppression networks, and control circuitry. The switching power supply combined with reliable class-D technology means there’s virtually no energy lost in the subwoofer system.


Inverse Mathematical Equalization (IME) Filter

The IME filter used in the Dynamo 400 subwoofer is derived from the inverse of the unfiltered driver response. Precision IME filtering yields extremely accurate low-frequency response—superior to that provided by the simple second-order high-Q filters typically found in subwoofers in this price range.

Low-Turbulence Port

When properly optimized and executed, ports are a convenient, cost-effective way to increase low-frequency output. Dynamo 400 features a tuned, long low-turbulence port designed to provide superb low-end extension while minimizing port induced distortion.



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