Sound That Defies the Laws of Space

The first electrostatic loudspeaker that requires virtually no living space, yet delivers uncompromised sound from as close as one-half inch from your wall.

Uncompromised quality with maximum flexibility. The innovative design of the Stylos provides high-resolution electrostatic reproduction from a unique cabinet that may be installed practically anywhere; in a wall, mounted on a wall, or placed as close as 1/2" from a wall. The Stylos is available with several installation options including a designer scrim which may be painted or covered to match your decor. The Stylos is the result of over 40 fully functional prototypes produced by Martin-Logan research. Stylos defies the laws of acoustic space to bring you the ultimate in on-wall/in-wall sound reproduction.

Launched in 1993

Price when discontinued:



Specifications are subject to change without notice

Frequency Response

55–20,000 Hz ±3dB

Recommended Amplifier Power

20‒400 watts per channel

Horizontal Dispersion


Vertical Dispersion

38" (96.5cm) line source


88 dB/2.83 volts/meter


4 Ohms, 2 at 20kHz. Compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers.

Crossover Frequency

700 Hz, 12dB per octave

High Frequency Transducer

38" (96.5cm) CLS™ electrostatic transducer

Low Frequency Transducer

6.5" (16.5 cm) high rigidity cone with extended throw driver assembly, sealed enclosure


40 lbs. (18.2 kg)


63.5" × 10.5" × 4.5"
(161.3cm × 26.7cm × 11.4cm)

Customer Reviews For Stylos

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  • Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rear Channel
Dear Martin & Logan These are a very nice complement to my CLS IIz. (Seamless in sound characteristics) Although, I am a purist and feel 2 channel done correctly does not need any help from multi-speaker set-ups. HT is just way to much fun to miss out on and the Stylos hold there own quite nicely. Thanks again for another great product. Regards Kevin Franklin