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What do the buttons on my Crescendo do?

Created: Dec 04 2015 | Updated: Aug 24 2018


    • To mute press the button once (front LED will flash red). 
    • To enter standby press the button for two seconds (front LED will turn red).
    • If no audio signal is detected for ten minutes, the speaker will automatically go into standby mode. When the speaker is in standby mode, press the button once to exit. A new audio signal will also automatically wake the speaker. Please note, if the Auxiliary Input has a cable plugged into the connection (with or without active audio content), the speaker will not go into standby mode automatically and will not stay in standby mode, even if manually activated.
    • Cycles through the four audio inputs. The order of the inputs is: Wireless/Ethernet (purple) > Auxiliary (green) > Bluetooth (blue) > USB (white).
    • The LED on front of the speaker indicates the following:
      • No Color: Speaker does not have power (or updating firmware).
      • Red: Speaker is in standby.
      • Flashing Red: Speaker is muted.
      • Purple: Wireless/Ethernet input active.
      • Flashing Purple: Wireless/Ethernet input active (no network connected).
      • Green: Auxiliary input active.
      • Blue: Bluetooth input active.
      • White: USB input active.
  • VOL –/VOL +
    • Adjusts the volume level.


    • When depressed, the speaker is on.
    • When extended, the speaker is off.
    • When depressed, the deep bass output of the speaker is reduced and bass information is send directly to a connected external subwoofer.
    • When extended, the Crescendo handles all bass.
    • Pressing this button puts the Crescendo into wireless setup mode. Please refer to the user’s manual for setup information.
    • The status LED indicates the following information:
      • Green: Connected to a Wi-Fi network.
      • Flashing Green: Not connected to a Wi-Fi network.
      • Flashing Red/Green: Wi-Fi setup mode.
      • Solid Red: Wireless direct mode (the speaker and your audio source establish a direct wireless connection).
      • Flashing Red/Red/Green/Green: Firmware upgrade mode.
    • Perform a factory reset by inserting a pin or other small object into the small hole above the “Reset” label on back of the speaker. Using the pin, press the recessed button for approximately five seconds. The “Wi-Fi Setup and Status” LED will briefly turn green and then rapidly blink green for approximately fifteen seconds. Then, the speaker will restart itself and the “Wi-Fi Setup and Status” LED will begin blinking slowly green.

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