Setup and Configuration of Electrostatic Speakers

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I read in my manual that to achieve good imaging my speakers should be toed in. How much should I toe them in?

Updated: Aug 24 2018

Generally it is found that the ideal listening position is with the speakers slightly toed-in so that you are listening to the inner third of the curved electrostatic transducer. A simple, yet effective method to achieve proper toe in involves sitting at the listening position, holding a flashlight under your chin and pointing it at each speaker. The reflection of the flashlight should be within the inner third of the electrostatic panel. Use this as a starting point and experiment by toeing in your speakers slightly less or slightly more. You will notice the tonal balance and imaging changing. You will notice that as the speakers are toed-out, the system becomes slightly brighter than when toed-in. This design gives you the flexibility to compensate for a soft or bright room.

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