The most advanced and versatile distribution solution ever

MDAs are the most flexible and adaptive distribution solutions available today, delivering dramatic levels of performance where it matters—in the room.

With full matrix switching capabilities of analog and digital inputs, and independent room correction with ARC® Genesis in each zone, MDAs allow you to install robust audio solutions throughout a home or business. These unique technologies actually understand the unique acoustic signature of each listening space and correct deviations from an ideal response.

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With an eye on preserving even the most subtle nuances of music, MDAs accept high-resolution PCM up to 24-bit/192kHz. MDAs will never hold back a compelling musical experience.

The MDA16 powers up to eight zones with sixteen full channels at 60 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms (or 120 into 4 Ohms). Zones can also be bridged for a high output mode with 200 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms.


Web-Based Setup

Nothing could be simpler than on-site configuration and calibration using our intuitive Web-based controls.

The specially designed, adaptive user interface works on any device. Custom configure zones, from input assignments to zone names. Adjust levels (and every aspect of performance) independently.

Run Anthem Room Correction (ARC Genesis) for each zone, and customize settings separately, Network firmware update with the touch of a button.

MDA Automation Drivers

Automation Compatibility

Robust IP/RS-232 connection capability ensures compatibility with leading home automation systems, with easily downloaded drivers.

MDA Automation Drivers
MDA Automation Drivers

Digital Inputs, Digital Switching

Fast, efficient Ultra-Class-D amplification is supported by proprietary Advanced Load Monitoring technology, delivering reliable performance under even the most demanding loads. Our high-efficiency design meets and exceeds global power-saving standards.

Smooth, instantaneous digital switching output allows the linking of digital inputs between multiple amplifiers and analog pass-through connections allow daisy-chaining of multiple MDA units.


Dedicated Subwoofers For Each Zone

Install and control subwoofers independently in separate zones, with dedicated outputs (both low and high level, including bridge mode), and zone-independent settings for the new, more advanced Anthem Room Correction (ARC® Genesis).

Toggle ARC Genesis on/off in each zone to hear the benefits of premium room optimization.


Zone Configuration Options

Zones can have custom names, multiple inputs, independent playback, and tuning controls. Bridge zones for more power. Enable subwoofer bass management in any zone, instantly set crossover frequency, level, phase, and polarity.

Only the MDA Series gives you this much control over multiple zones, supporting more creative system designs and more thrilling audio performance.

Analog/Digital Matrix Switching

Full digital/analog matrix switching allows you to assign any analog RCA, digital coaxial or digital optical input to any output, either pre-configured via the web interface or switched in real-time via IP commands.


MDA includes these key features and more…

  • 60 Watts (8 Ohms) / 120 Watts (4 Ohms) with all channels driven, or bridges to provide 200 Watts (8 Ohms).
  • 8- or 16-channels of Ultra-Class-D amplification, each supported by Advanced Load Monitoring technology, delivers fast, reliable performance even under the most demanding loads.
  • 24-bit/192kHz digital-to-analog converter (DAC) maintains the integrity of high-resolution source materials.
  • Customized pre-set DSP settings.
  • Separate zone-specific bass management and subwoofer integration via a passive (RCA) or active (powered by another zone in bridge mode) connection.
  • Bridging allows up to 200 Watts for high power applications such as subwoofers.
  • Digital switching output allows linking of digital inputs between multiple MDA.
  • Analog pass-through connections allow daisy chaining of multiple MDA.
  • Speaker terminal block connections accept up to 12 AWG, ideal for long speaker cable runs.
  • IP/RS232 capability ensures compatibility with leading home automation systems.
  • ON/OFF switched via IP/RS232, 12-Volt trigger, or audio sensing.
  • High-efficiency design meets global power saving standards. Secure professional rack-mount arms included.

Product Comparison





Zones (Channels) 8 (16)   4 (8)
Audio Inputs      
Stereo RCA Analog Input 8   4
Coaxial RCA Digital input 2   0
Toslink (Optical) Digital Input 2   1
Audio Outputs      
Mono RCA Analog Sub Output 8   4
Stereo Speaker Level Output 8   4
   - Watts 8 ohms 60W   60W
   - Watts 4 ohms 120W   120W
Stereo RCA Passthrough 2   0
Toslink (Optical) Digital Output 1   0
Control Connectivity      
Ethernet (RJ-45) 1   1
Micro USB 1   1
Serial (RS-232) 1   1
3.5mm Trigger Jacks (In/Out) 2   2

Anthem Room Correction (ARC®)

Transform the sound in any space

ARC Genesis works with Mac or PC and is the most comprehensive method of transforming the sound in your room. Includes many new features.

Get the Latest ARC Software »

Installer Series

Pair your MDA with MartinLogan Installer Series™ Products

Make the power of MDA and MartinLogan Installer Series™ products work together to create the BEST package for your job. One order! One shipment! Done!



Specifications are subject to change without notice

Channels / Zones

16 channels / Up to 8 zones

Power Output RMS per Channel (8 Ohm)

60 Watts

Power Output RMS per Channel (4 Ohm)

120 Watts

High Output Mode (Bridged) RMS per Channel (8 Ohm)

200 Watts

Digital-to-Analog Converter

PCM up to 24 bit/192 kHz

Inputs (analog)

8x RCA pairs (left/right)

Inputs (digital S/PDIF)

2x RCA coaxial; 2x optical (Toslink)

Inputs (network)

RJ-45 10Base-T/100
Base-TX ethernet port

Inputs (trigger)

1x 3.5mm (5 – 24V DC/AC)

Outputs (speaker level)

8x removable Phoenix style (left/right) accommodate wire up to 12AWG

Output (analog, passthrough)

2x RCA pair (left/right)

Outputs (subwoofer)

8x RCA (with bass management and room correction)

Outputs (digital matrix)

1x optical (Toslink)

Outputs (other)

1x 3.5mm 12V trigger

Audio In-Out Matrix


Advanced Load Monitoring


Controls (via web-based UI)

Bass level: ±6dB for each zone;
Trebel level: ±6dB for each zone;
Level balancing: ±10dB for each zone

Controls (back panel)

Power Mode: Auto, Trigger,
External Command;
Network Reset (pinhole);
Factory Reset (pinhole);
Main Power: On /Off

Microphone (for room correction)

Included dual input microphone
(3.5mm and mini-USB)


Web-based user interface

IP Control (via IP or RS-232)

Drivers for Control4, Crestron, Savant, URC, Elan

AC Voltage


Rack Mount Ears / Feet


Rack Space (feet removed)


Dimensions (H x W x D, with feet)

3.5” x 17” x 16.4” (8.9 x 43.2 x 41.7 cm)

Frequency Response

10Hz – 20kHz ±0.5dB

Room Correction

Anthem Room Correction (ARC®)

Inputs (Other)

Micro-USB (for ARC); RS-232


24 lbs. (10.8kg)

Firmware Updates MDA16

Control Drivers for MDA16

Click a link below to download control system drivers.

Savant: Adding the MDA Driver

  • Download the MartinLogan MDA8 or MDA16 Savant driver (click the link located above).
  • In the Savant RacePoint Blueprint software, click Main Menu (next to File).
  • Click the Libraries icon.
  • Click the + sign in the bottom left-hand corner to add a user profile. Find the location on your computer with the MDA driver folder. Select the MDA driver folder.
  • Click Import in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • The MDA profile will now show up in Preferences when you go to the Libraries icon.

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